Happy Kid - Baby Hunting

COW & GATE launched a Baby Hunting campaign in early 2015, calling for Cow & Gate babies to be spokespersons for themselves. YouFind’s role in digital level was to provide campaign’s recruitment page, display banner supporting, and campaign tracking & optimization. According to Google Analytics Data, 17,094 unique visits had been directed to the campaign site, visitors had stayed on site for 3 minutes and 8 seconds in average, which had tripled the industry benchmark (30 seconds to 1 minute). To date, over 1142 babies have participated the campaign, and you can find their happy photos all around the town!

全心全意 給香港BB

COW & GATE see the world just like moms, with a loving heart both attentive and nurturing. Cow & Gate are committed to providing Hong Kong babies the good nutrition they need at the start in life, as well as giving a big hand to moms in their parenting journey. Based on the insights gained from our proprietary Nutriplanet study, we have specially formulated our products to the challenges and specific needs of Hong Kong babies.