Business Challenges

Ricola is a well-established Swiss throat lozenge maker.Given the presence of popular local brands, Ricola had a limited brand awareness among Hong Kongers and Chinese audience.

A social media campaign was in need to differentiate Ricola from other brands


To formulate a sizeable Ricola community on social media(to drive sales)

To project a positive brand image and sustain brand awareness cost-effectively.

To deliver a highly relevant, localized and engaging content plan

To drive fan-base growth on Facebook, WeChat and Weibo

To convert Facebook & WeChat fan page to promotional platform (to support big in-store activities and other ATL activities in Hong Kong and China)


Incorporate Facebook, WeChat and Weibo and use localized content in social media campaign.

Introduce an incentive-driven social media campaign in Hong Kong and regular mini games on WeChat or Weibo Enhance user engagement and website traffic through cooperation with famous Key Opinion Leaders targeting middle to higher class audience.

Social Media Campaign – Hong Kong

Incentive-driven campaigns always gain more engagement. Posts are good for brand building on new product features.

(Three incentive-driven social media campaigns, namely 引發冰極力量有獎遊戲, 利口樂冰極大戰and 利口樂週五快閃獎 were held for brand building highlighting new product features.)

Cooperation with famous KOL can help promote the campaigns to a large group of potential customers.

Social Media Campaign – China

Regular mini games on WeChat or Weibo help retain fans and boost engagement rate


  • Campaign #1 (May 2016) 香草大作戰 H5 Game on WeChat
  • Campaign #2 (May 2016) Ricola x Geneva Tourism
  • Campaign #3 (Dec 2016) 聖誕香草大冒險 H5 Game on WeChat

Business Benefit to Client

  • (Enhanced user engagement to over 4% (Facebook benchmark: 0.34%))

  • Enhanced user engagement with its various social media.

  • Recorded nearly 3,000 fan growth on WeChat

  • Recorded nearly 30,000 event exposure rate on WeChat

  • Helped Ricola emphasize the brand message of “Herbs, Natural and Switzerland” which enhances its competitive edge.