Goldman Sachs

Business Challenges

Goldman Sachs is a renowned international investment banking company setting up regional headquarter in Hong Kong.

Despite its worldwide prestige, Goldman Sachs official website faced GEO block and so experienced zero search visibility as compared to thousands of traffic for competitors.

There was stiff competition in Hong Kong market, where competitors spent a great deal in digital marketing while Goldman Sachs lagged behind.

Its company image was boring that could not arise audience interest to learn more about the brand.


Clear GEO block of its official website to enable it to be shown in search results.

Benchmark against competitors’ traffic by SEM-SEO integration, which brings conversions and quality traffic respectively.

Help branding when people search for Goldman Sachs product

(Help build soft angle good mouth by SEO word of mouth marketing.

Business Benefit to Client

  • YouFind solved the problem of GEO block and results cached in search engine jumped from 0 to 1,780 in 2 months.

  • After GEO block was solved, traffic increased significantly from original average of 800-1,000 users to 3,000-4,000 users in 2 months (The gap between Goldman Sachs and its key competitors was closed in terms of organic traffic).

  • GYouFind achieved 156 search results in half year reaching 104% of KPI. Over 45% search results are ranked the first page.