Chung Jung One specializes in varies formula of fermentation for the production of "Sunchang" Korean paste, which targets on mother group who are interested in cooking

With the rise of Korean culture in recent years, it has expanded its market from cooking mothers to younger female group who are interested in Korean food


To expand the market to younger target audience

To raise the engagement on social media platform


To reach the young female group, YouFind used more young and interactive angles to create the feeds

To utilize KOL’s influencing power, YouFind lined up food related KOLs to spread the WOM of the brand on Facebook and blog. Five KOLs has contributed 7 recipes and share their cooking experience to promote client’s products

YouFind also launched an Instagram account which is more favorable to the target audience - young females

Business Benefits To Client

Positive fans growth of 12,627 fans

Chung Jung One successfully rebranded itself into a young and energetic brand

Generated large number of participants from a series of mini games