Rakuten Global Market


● Entering local market has never been an easy task for international brand. As a Japan E-commerce brand,Rakuten Global Market is not as famous as other competitors. Like any other companies aiming at China market outreach, lack of brand image in China is the most pressingproblem of Rakuten Global Market. Paid effort doesn’t necessarily lead to benefits. RakutenGlobal Market has been operating its Weibo account, but its performance didn’t reach theirexpectation.Rakuten Global Market wants to further improve the social media performance torebuild their brand image.

● The following are the problems investigated:

    Too many product and repost feeds

    Lack of diverse feeding content

    Lack of creative format in presenting the feeding content

    Graphic design could not represent the brand itself


● To raise brand awareness in China market.

● To raise the engagement on Weibo.


  • ● Feedings with high quality content outperform its quantity. YouFind suggests to enrich the feeding angles to drive more page engagement.

  • ● Presentation first catches audiences’ eyes before content. YouFind suggests to use creative feeding formats to capture target audiences’ attention.

  • ● Video is popular in social media recently. Users’ engagement on video is much more higher than static photo. Thus, YouFind suggests to create one video feed e.g.open box, product testing and street interview per week.

    ● Make use of ad to boost viewership and engagement


● Fans Increment: 31,137

● Engagement: 67,635. 115% engagement growth when compared with last year figure.