Project Background

● FoodWise is a Hong Kong-based concept store that help health-conscious consumers to eat right every day with a varied selection of wholesome and affordable food choices.

● To promote FoodWise’s product through online means, FoodWise cooperated with consideration as well as purchasing behavior


● Stimulate Product/Brand Consideration

● Drive people to purchase the product through online store


  • ● YouFind assists FoodWise in stimulating brand/product favorability and driving conversion from two aspects: social and search.

    ● From social aspect, YouFind helps FoodWise to interact with target audience in different local communities so as to build up brand reputation and stimulate product consideration.

  • ● From search aspect, YouFind utilize the social discussions and existing 3rd party content i.e. blog, news and optimize their presence on search engine with the aim to stimulate brand/product consideration and accelerate the customer decision making process.

    ● In order to direct people to buy the product online, YouFind helps FoodWise to optimize its website presence on search engine on specific product and brand keywords.


Search Aspect (Sep 16 to Nov 17)

● Website Traffic: 96% Growth

● Engaged Traffic: 96% Growth

● Organic Conversion (Registration): 96% Grow

● Organic Conversion (Check-Out): 230% Grow

Social Aspect (2017)

● Content Development (6 Local Communities with 243 Discussions)

● Impression: 710,364

● Public Reply: 4,389