DCH Food Mart Deluxe


DCH Food Mart Deluxe (DCH Food) is a well-known chain of frozen food specialty store which mainly provides frozen food such as frozen meat, dried seafood, fruits. Nowadays, DCH Foods has a total of over 50 outlets in Hong Kong.

DCH Food collaborated with YouFind in implementing product launches campaign through Facebook channel.

As most of the content of DCH Food’s page had targeted at 35 - 40 years old. Meanwhile, the target audience of the new product is aimed at youngsters. Therefore, there is a need in changing the content and image of their brand through their fans page.


● To promote a new product - Seafood Supreme Hotpot Set

● To enhance product awareness through a social media campaign

● To build up brand image of young and energetic food supplies towards new target audience


  • ● YouFind focuses on Facebook as a marketing channel for this campaign through mini games, viral video and various feedings

    ● For viral video, YouFind has used humorous and localized angle in this video to feature the product message.

  • ● To boost the video views, we suggested client to make use of the popular media page “I do marketing ” for boosting the video views.

    ● For mini games, YouFind helped our client to design a signature poster which helped to leave impactful impression of the new product launch as to further boost product awareness in compatible with video views.

    ● YouFind created various feeding angles such as focusing on product promotion, soft selling approach which is in line with localized topic


● 69,000 total video views for the viral videos

● Generated large number of participants from a series of mini games

● DCH Food successfully attracts more younger audience and builds an energetic image