Chicks is a well-known local brand that was established more than half a century. Its intimate underwear are very iconic and popular among the customers because of the superior quality and the comfortable design. Chicks was recognized as one of top ten among Hong Kong brands.

However, along with the technological advancement, Chicks is encountering fierce competition with a lot of international brands risen in other countries and the shift of the consumer behavior towards online shopping. This implies that traditional marketing channels are no longer being that effective as before. Therefore, marketing adjustment is required responding to the increase of online shopping habit in order to draw traffic to the online store.


To optimize the visibility of website on search engines, to increase website traffic and online purchase.


  • SEO –Most people first touch upon a brand accesses through internet. Search engines are the main channels for them to reach relevant information by entering specific keywords.

    Under search engine optimization, we tried to enhance the exposure of the brand to users during searching online, enlarge the opportunity to draw website traffic and to improve conversion rate by setting up submitted payment form as conversion goal, eventually bringing potential customers to the online store.


Through SEO, 25 search results successfully ranked in the first three result pages on Google HK and Yahoo HK regarding Chicks apparels.

The overall organic traffic reached over 63,660 during the period from July 2018 to May 2019, and total 156 conversions were accomplished.