Amoy 淘大

“YouFind is an energetic team. No matter when you’re on weekends, holidays or even mid nights, they’re able to come up with instant innovative ideas which keep our brand state-of-the-art. It’s crystal clear they know what they want and have a clearer picture of what our target group needs.

-Sammy Cheung,

Product Manager of Amoy

Business Challenges

Amoy is keen on strengthening its leadership position particularly through its historically recognized “Made in Hong Kong” reputation.

Amoy was facing the challenge of limited experience in digital marketing. They wanted to boost its brand image through social media platform.


To enhance its locally produced brand image and to attract more fans through a social media campaign to reinforce Amoy as the first choice for soy sauce.

Platforms and KOL

Evoked emotional response from local public by creating localized creative feeds and prized mini-games, which built a recognizable brand image from Amoy. Raised the brand reach and awareness by consolidating their presence on social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube and Weibo. Connected the brand with fans via Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) solution, i.e. creating and sharing Amoy product inspired recipes on the Internet, increasing buzz and shares and reinforcing the core brand image of “Made in Hong Kong”

Social Media Campaign

Introduced “Made in Hong Kong Masterchef”, an online cooking competition, aligning Amoy with cooking KOL Daydaycook

Resulted in surging traffic to the campaign via inspirational recipes, populate voting, live cooking videos and prized mini-games.

Business Benefit to Client

  • Doubled overall engagement on Facebook

  • Growth of more than 6,000 fans

  • Huge success of Daydaycook campaign:

    ■ Gained 1,600 fans

    ■ 4 times interaction

    ■ 2,000,000 reach

  • High achievement on live-streamed feeds:

    ■ Attraction of more than 200 new fans

    ■ Total reach of 300,000 (organic reach of 70,000)