HOUSE101 & APS101


Success Development Information Technology Company Limited has developed two online platforms, which are HOUSE101 and APS101. The products are mainly provide professional and comprehensive estate information services. Not only can convenient for buyers, tenants and proprietors to achieve their goals easily, but also can assist professional estate agents to enhance their competitiveness and develop their personal careers.


To enhance brand awareness of its two new launched platforms designed for the 2 target groups i.e. the general public and the property agents.

To build prominent image of the brand among the intensive property market.


  • • YouFind implemented integrated services across three stages in strategic planning:

    1. Awareness & Website Traffic ; 2. Awareness & Branding ; 3. Word-of-mouth Marketing.

    1. YouFind utilized Search Engine Optimization(SEO) x Search Engine Marketing(SEM) x Media Buy integration strategy, to obtain the best results in return for the brand exposure on search aspect.

    • We have started from SEO site audit for suggesting keywords to conversion tracking for maximizing CTR. While make use of online ad formats to enhance website conversion and traffic, for instant, Display ad and Video ad which directing people to Hose101 website.

    2. To clearly deliver the brand messages by creating a video campaign (1 Branding Video, 3 Service Videos) and spread it through different online platforms i.e. Forum, Media and KOLs support, YouTube, Facebook.

    • For sustaining and promoting the Facebook page, we have used different FB Ad formats for boosting Facebook feeds correspondingly

    3. To sustain the campaign, YouFind had helped in developing content marketing strategies i.e. content development, 6 Advertorials write-up, Zero/Ultimate Moment of Truth(ZUMOT) services, so as to further build up the brand.

Business Benefits To Client

House101 campaign period is from Nov 2018- May 2019 (6 months)

1. Awareness & Website Traffic

• House101’ Website:

1. Achieved 97 Search Results on search engines which over-achieved 183% KPI

2. Increased 50.5% Organic Traffic from Feb to April 2019

• APS101’ Website :

1. Achieved 23 Search Results on search engines which over-achieved 177% KPI

2. Increased 87.5% Organic Traffic from Feb to April 2019

• Total 5 articles are boosted for ZUMOT while ZMOT KPI reached 125% UMOT KPI reached 112.5%

2. Awareness & Branding

• A total of 267k video views were drawn for 1 branding video and 3 services video.

• Total increment of 1,900+ fans on House101’s Facebook Page. (From Nov 2018 – May 2019)

3. Word-of-mouth Marketing

• Achieved 34,698 views on content development