Digital PR Intro

In today’s widely digitized world, the management of public relations is no longer limited to offline means. YouFind provides an inclusive digital PR management for clients’ need for reputation and brand image enhancement via digital, particularly through our two focused service streams in managing online reputation and publicity.

Social Monitoring

Without a systematic social monitoring process, only partial view of online reputation can be gathered making it difficult to analyze a brand’s reputation and how it compares with competitors. YouFind’s social monitoring service presents an exhaustive view of the brand’s online reputation in social media and search, providing the ability to monitor brand and all its competitors’ reputation. Full analysis with actionable insights are critical for controlling digital reputation by preventing crisis and improving perception over competition.

Crisis Management

Crisis can be chaotic and YouFind has the best solution for online crisis management. Continuous monitoring and building infrastructure before crisis are important for the fast-paced environment online, sorting and tracing back to the root of problem and respond precisely and consciously is critical to minimize impact. Utilizing the advantage of search engines, all online activities about regarding a brand is captured and monitored throughout a crisis situation, whilst actively management the brand’s reputation throughout the process.


YouFind’s expertise in third party platform management help clients to formulate public relation strategies by coordinating with different KOLs and managing the presence of reviews. By conducting social monitoring that gathers insights from online analysis and sentiments, publicity strategies are provided on multiple digital platforms that are aligned to offer an integrated PR solution that can effectively establish the desired company objectives.


Build your brand using professional bloggers and advertorial content to discuss and share experiences on popular platforms. YouFind has a vast extensive network of influential bloggers and advertorial platform connections on a wide range of interest areas. We are highly experienced in running blogger programs, campaign and strategize to work with the most effective bloggers and advertorial platforms to increase exposure and penetration to the targeted audience, propagating the powerful tool of online word of mouth (WOM).