Digital Advertising through Google Adwords|You Find Ltd.

Applying Online Advertising through Google Adwords enhances consumer's online experience by targeting right consumer groups. We use Digital Marketing to build a public relationship between your brand and potential consumers.

Google advertising entails both the use of Google Adwords and the Google Display Network. Most consumers are aware of the workings of Google Adwords- whereby when they type up some search words on Google and relevant Ads will pop up, but not many consumers may be aware of the Google Display Network functions.

Many may not know that the Google Display network actually comprises over two million web sites that reach over 80% of the world's internet users which covers over half a billion users and serves up hundreds and billions of page views every month. The collection of Google sites themselves include Gmail and YouTube but the real value lies in the huge number of partner sites such as Facebook that covers mass as well as niche media. Partner sites from all over the world that covers a vast range of interests from news sites, blogs, video sites, forums in different languages, shopping sites, weather sites, social networks, sports, review sites, all types of hobby sites – the Google Display Network has it covered. The advertiser has the ability to place all kinds of ads including text, image, video and rich media on any of the collection of sites.

With everyone everywhere being almost constantly connected online, whether on the train, taking a plane – online advertising is a growing force that marketers will find hard to ignore. Searching on the internet has become an important step in a customers buying process and the Google Display Network has been rated the network with the highest reach and a tool that warrants serious consideration. The network has targeting options to allow placement of ads only at relevant places, it's no wonder traditional media is struggling under this fierce and immense competition from Google advertising.