Online Advertising Intro

YouFind has extensive online advertising networks and partnerships over popular online platforms where online placements and advertisements can be implemented on a broad scale. Coverage on online advertising includes display and social ads on various digital platforms, as well as search engine marketing in popular search engines across regions.

Display Network

Display network ads are blasted over different media publishers and social platforms, including websites, mobile applications and display networks from Google. YouFind鈥檚 rich experience on ad-targeting, optimization and re-targeting, a Google certified partner, YouFind has strong relationships with diverse industry specific partners allowing clients to implement targeted advertising solutions with tailored media, language, region and platform, effectively focusing on campaign objectives.

Social Ads

Social ads are an effective tool for fans growth, drive engagement, draw website traffic and app installs. Social ad services can be packaged with social media maintenance or campaign service to help get social content viral and achieve a better performance. YouFind鈥檚 social ads include: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WeChat and Weibo.

Video Ads

Marketing through videos are a highly effective way of giving precise targeted and focused information and YouFind ensures a viral broadcasting effect to spread your marketing message. YouFind offers video production, video creation and most importantly optimization on YouTube and other popular video channels in order to captivate your target audience.


SEM refers to the online advertisement in form of paid search results, which is calculated through pay-per-click (PPC). Our proficiency in search marketing enables clients to have a global coverage on their SEM, where clicks and conversions can be optimized through customized strategies and analytics. YouFind also provides a tailored strategy for SEO x SEM integration, which can help clients to drive long term ROI.

Programmatic Buy

YouFind programmatic programmatic buy allows the brand to tailor a specific message and creative to the right person, at the right time in the right context, therefore increasing the efficiency on spending and resources.