SEO Intro

YouFind’s SEO service consists of the following two aspects:

• Performance and ROI driven solution: Starting from website technical audit, revamp, to keyword strategies, SEO focuses on improving website’s quality to being crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines, in order to improve a website’s traffic quality for the long term.

• Branding Focus: Search engine result pages can sometimes be client’s landing page, or 3rd party materials such as forums, blogs and articles. These materials can all be found on top search engine pages, becoming a new battlefield for brands. YouFind’s online reputation management covers monitoring, neutralizing and WOM on search engines.


SEO is the management of search engine results that enhances the visibility of websites through strategic techniques. YouFind are pioneers in search marketing since 2005 and are proficient in search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Our cost efficient solutions are supported with high return through maximized digital presence, and our track record includes successfully assisting numerous SMEs and global corporations to achieve sales and branding objectives.

SEO x SEM Integration

While the optimization of search engine results can effectively assist in achieving sales targets, YouFind offers integrated solutions that combines the power of SEO and SEM to generate promising results through increased organic traffic and conversion rates to optimize a company’s return. YouFind’s SEM and SEO integration service includes: analyzing keyword performance, traffic quality, and allocating keywords to SEO and SEM relevant to the customer journey.

Search Reputation

Search Reputation Management (SRM) is the strategic management of brand reputation on search engines. YouFind uses expertise in search ranking technology to optimize search results in order to boost the ranking of positive results, at the same time neutralizing negative results to enhance a brand’s online public image. Search Reputation Management (SRM) helps build brand superiority and influence customers' decision making progress.


Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is the early pre-shopping stage of the purchase cycle where research is conducted prior to the customer’s purchase of the product. Common sources of ZMOT include not only search engines but also service providers and event organizers; retailers such as auction sites and trade portals; third party platforms such as video sharing sites, forums and blogs. YouFind offers ZMOT optimization in all platforms by enhancing the presence of positive content on each search to ensure substantial growth for your product via comprehensive management of customer impression.


Ultimate Moment of Truth (UMOT) is the translation of one’s customer experience into distributed digital content, which in turn becomes the ZMOT of another person. Hence, the major sources of UMOT are third party platforms containing user generated content. YouFind systematically manages the prominence of desired user generated content through content creation and ranking adjustments to meet clients’ branding objectives.