YouFind are pioneers in search marketing and since 2005 has been helping SMEs and global multinational companies alike get found in top search engines.

We provide proven search engine optimization results using only ethical techniques to achieve prominent search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Baidu etc. Our search engine marketing ensures a high return on investment by achieving maximum visibility for your website.

We have a well-established technical team with a SEO Development Centre in China that has international capabilities to focus in search engines across the globe.

Search engine marketing is a balance between natural search/SEO and Pay Per Click Google Ads -our team of consultants can advise you on what works best for your project or marketing needs.

Build your brands using professional bloggers to discuss in various popular platforms the experience of using your products and services. At YouFind, we have a network of several hundred influential bloggers with regular followers on a wide range of interest areas. We are highly experienced in running programs, campaigns and strategically work with different bloggers to increase exposure and penetration at specific websites to your target audience to propagate the powerful tool of online word of mouth.

It takes 20 years to build a company a reputation and five minutes to ruin one, understandably online reputation is of paramount importance. YouFind Online can manage your reputation on discussion forums, social media platforms, blogger platforms and search engines. We keep check and monitor the relevant sites and offer responses by optimizing new positive content about your product or service and at the same time suppress the negative news. We effectively combat against negative news for showing up for your company’s searches and take pride in protecting and repairing the reputation of our clients.

Complement and extend your public relations(PR) efforts by placing your content online to be readily found by your customers. Maximize your advertising, advertorials, promotional videos, interviews, press releases online and extend your coverage using favorable pull marketing techniques. We are digital PR professionals and will strategize to position your content on search engines and social media.

Let us help you build a website which will be pleasing to both search engines and visitors alike. YouFind has the important knowledge and knowhow to develop a website that is able to get found from the beginning and avoid the technical barriers which prevent the website from being indexed incorrectly by search engines.

We provide Content Management System (CMS) to provide real-time content updates to help you make necessary changes to your site. For simplicity, we also have different design templates for many different industries for time dependant owners that require speedy website development for rapid online market penetration.

Whether it is to monitor in real-time your marketing campaign’s or analyze your website’s effectiveness.

YouFind has a proven record of tracking, collecting, measuring, reporting and analyzing quantitative Internet data to determine the website traffic, conversion rates and can monitor on each media channel the numbers of unique visitors to work out the progress of a marketing campaign and evaluate its success rate.

Social media users are more open to being approached by brands although they may consider traditional forms of advertising obtrusive and undesirable. Facebook has the ability to change the dynamic between brands and consumers. YouFind is a one STOP shop Facebook administrator!

Our expert consultants can set up your Fan Page , offer 24 hours round the clock administration and manage promotions and campaigns to help you engage your customers. Whatever stage you are at with your Facebook promotion, we are eager to share our expertise – whether to increase Fan base, add creativity to an existing Fan page to raise connectivity or enhance the interactivity with your customers.

Can you afford not to be on Facebook?

Use Facebook Applications to actively drive your marketing campaigns using your Facebook Fan page as a quick and effective channel to broadcast promotions, events and news.

We have experienced programmers to customize our client’s needs to develop various apps such as games, contests, surveys etc. There are many easy –to-use Apps to add to many functions on your Fan page – including registration of fans data, profiling of fans, showcase work and products, post photos or display your product catalogue in an attractive way! The Facebook fan page is an interactive medium and works in real-time oppose to a company website which does not. Why not post company website content on your Fan page, start connecting with customers and build your brand awareness on Facebook now.

YouFind can help you leverage discussions forums to initiate in real-time feedback and responses with interest groups and customers. Forums can help cascade your message and information to the broader consumer, to set target audience or interested groups and get feedback. Strategic group promotions, broadcast campaigns and connect with Internet users - arouse their interest and create that viral buzz that is possible with use of social media tactics.

The number of Internet users spending time to view online videos is ever increasing – making video SEO or VSEO an essential need in social media marketing. Marketing through videos is a highly effective way of providing precise targeted and focused information and YouFind can help by ensuring a viral broadcasting effect to spread your message. Your find offers video production, video creation and most importantly optimizing on You tube and other popular video channels.

From creation to broadcast to optimization, YouFind does it all.

With the number of Internet users in China surpassing 513 million, online marketing is without doubt the most cost effective way to reach China market.

Whether you wish to expand your business to China, or you are already in the China market but desire to reach more customers.

Our China social media operations team can provide a one-stop shop solution to reach Chinas' version of leading search engine (, China's version of Facebook ( or China's version of Twitter ( and other popular Chinese platforms. We can also certify your corporate Facebook Page to make it legitimate and fully operational for the China market. With our offices in China and Hong Kong – we are in a unique position to help any business derive their china business strategy and outreach to the limitless business potential across the border.

YouFind has the service to ensure each email marketing campaign is maximized to ensure the highest delivery rate possible and in depth analysis of the response rates allows you to enhance further campaigns.

Email marketing is a great way to build and foster brand awareness and let your customers know about you latest offers and products!

YouFind has also partnered with local mobile operators to offer our clients’ targeted location-based SMS service.

Our services include:

  • Campaign planning
  • Email design
  • Email execution
  • Tracking and analysis
  • SMS promotion