Social Media Intro

Social media has become an important tool for brand communication and customer interactions. YouFind’s social media management covers a wide spectrum of services categorized by corporate profile management and creative campaigns, covering services such as digital media interface design, digital platform development, creative content and social media feed management.


Social media users are more open to being approached by brands even though they may consider traditional forms of advertising obtrusive and undesirable. Facebook has the ability to dynamically change the relationship between brands and consumers. YouFind’s expert consultants can set up your fan page, offer 24 hours round the clock administration and manage promotions and campaigns to help you engage your customers, whatever the stage of the Facebook promotion. To increase fan base, inject creativity to an existing Fan page to raise connectivity or enhance interactivity with your customers.


With more brands wanting to jump on the Instagram train, YouFind can help set up your account and manage feeds at any given hour of the day to help you draw engagement from your customers, particularly effective in targeting the younger audience. Our passionate team of social media experts will keep you up to date with the latest features of Instagram and create innovative and relevant suitable feeds for the younger population.


LinkedIn has become a new battlefield of social media marketing for B2B focused companies. YouFind’s LinkedIn solution includes LinkedIn page maintenance, content development and LinkedIn ads, and uses data analytics to draw actionable insights to re-align the marketing direction.

Mini sites

Mini sites can be used to support online campaigns and YouFind’s provides visual design, website hosting, CRM and data analytics services. YouFind’s mini sites service is developed in a way that is SEO friendly and can be readily combined with other social media campaigns.

Social Campaign

Through the combined efforts of talented designers, strategists and programmers, YouFind’s social media campaigns are innovative and created to assist in achieving a brand’s digital objectives, whether it be expanding fan bases or greater interaction with customers. Unique ideas are performance driven and tailored for each market and social media to ensure a prominent impact on our clients’ digital presence. Social campaigns can be held on Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, Weibo and more.