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DCH Food Mart, established in 1985, is dedicated to providing quality products and best-in-class service to customers. Today, DCH Food Mart operates more than 50 stores in Hong Kong providing premium meat and seafood alongside fresh fruit and daily groceries as a one-stop shop for consumers’ home cooking needs. 

DCH Foods faces intense competition from numerous international and local food retailers. They need to set themselves apart from the competition, and one of the ways to do that is to have a dominant online presence. DCH wants to increase the exposure of their new product, Seafood Supreme Hotpot Set, which is targeted at a younger audience. They also want to establish a younger and more energized brand image. 


  • To promote their new product, the Seafood Supreme Hotpot Set 
  • To enhance product awareness through social media campaigns 
  • To establish a younger and more energized brand image that resonates with the younger target audience 

Our Strategy

To improve DCH’s visibility on Facebook, we carried out detailed audits to understand its social positioning, its demand, and its potential in relation to its competitors. We sought answers to questions such as ‘how many people are talking about DCH Foods on Facebook in comparison to their competitors? ‘. 

Following this initial ‘research’ phase, we were well equipped with insights and were able to make recommendations to help improve DCH Foods’ marketing performance on social media. It was not long before we were aligned with the recommendations, specific KPIs and ways of working were also established and agreed upon with the client. 

A number of creative brainstorm workshops were also hosted to ideate on how to establish a younger and more energized brand image among the younger target audience for DCH Foods. Many good ideas came out of these meetings, but the main thinking is that people are more likely to resonate with marketing contents that are humorous and related to everyday life.  

Creative visual design is a key success factor. Our creative design team has collaborated with DCH Foods and created a variety of videos, mini-games and refreshing posts. To attract more engagements, we partnered with a well-known Facebook page, ‘我做marketing’, and successfully increase the exposure and views of our promotion video. For the mini game, ‘大昌食品好戲派:餓戰’, we created movie like posters, which further increased fans engagements. 


  • 69,000 total video views 
  • Large number of fans participated in our mini-games 
  • 文字方塊Successfully establish a younger and more energized brand image among the younger target audience

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