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Xiaohongshu effect – 北川半兵衞烏龍茶 becomes a must-buy in Hong Kong

北川半兵衞烏龍茶has recently become the hottest topic in XIAOHONGSHU and is highly praised by a large number of mainland tourists as one of the “must-buy souvenirs in Hong Kong”. In XIAOHONGSHU, we found that many mainland tourists posted posts to share their 搶買烏龍茶 experiences while Hong Kong. These posts went viral, causing an incredible surge in sales of this product. The power of XIAOHONGSHU 小紅書 cannot be ignored. Chinese consumers often use XIAOHONGSHU to review beverage products, such as北川半兵衞烏龍茶. It is a life sharing app that has over 200 million+ monthly active users and plays a significant role in users’ purchasing…

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How do I create original content?

There are countless pseudo-original article tools on the Internet, and these tools are undoubtedly used to replace the words that can be replaced in an article by using the principle of synonym substitution to generate a pseudo-original article, which is a trick to create content, which can greatly save the labor cost required for original content creation, and it is often used for website updates. But the source of pseudo-original content is not the original subject matter after all, it is like a TV series that has been remade, and it is difficult to surpass the classic impression left by…

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What are the channels for foreign trade website promotion?

lthough the epidemic situation in many countries has been controlled to a certain extent, the current foreign trade market is not optimistic, many foreign trade enterprises to develop overseas customers The main channel is still foreign trade website promotion, but many foreign trade enterprises do not know how to do foreign trade website promotion? One of the main channels for foreign trade website promotion – SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as one of the main extrapolation channels, is also one of the most cost-effective customer acquisition channels, and is a common extrapolation channel used by many foreign trade companies! Through…

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How do foreign trade enterprises do overseas network promotion?

Overseas network promotion as one of the most important business channels for foreign trade enterprises to lay out overseas markets, so how can we do a good job in overseas network promotion? 1. Use overseas search engines to do a good job in overseas network promotion The overseas search engine here, we usually refer to the three major search engines of Google, Yahoo, and Bing! Among them, Google’s volume is the largest, so far the Google search engine has covered 250 countries around the world, has 113 international domain names and supports 109 languages, and it can even be said…

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What is the specific work content of Google SEO promotion of foreign trade websites?

Since the development of the Internet, Google SEO has become one of the most mainstream promotion channels for foreign trade enterprise websites, and the natural ranking of keywords in search engines is improved through google seo technology, so as to obtain organic traffic! 1. SEO keywords In the process of Google SEO promotion of foreign trade website, the link of screening keywords is the top priority, which is directly related to the time of results, and has been able to achieve the expected KpI! In this link, many foreign trade enterprises have fallen into a misunderstanding – that is, directly do the…

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Several ways to promote the foreign trade website Google

There are four common ways to promote Google SEO on foreign trade websites: Creative promotion of current affairs hot content: according to current affairs hot spots, create content for promotion based on their own product information. This approach is very demanding for creators. Real-time dynamic update promotion: Insist on updating new content every day to ensure that users always see the latest and highest quality content. Mobile Internet promotion: the website must be responsive, the current mobile Internet usage rate has exceeded the PC side! Responsive website makes our foreign trade website promotion work more and more convenient. Related content promotion: Combined…

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【Big Data: The Key for HKTVmall to Achieve its First Profitable Year】

Despite economic decline, HKTVmall announced an interim profit of $109 million in the first half of 2020 after previous 4 years of making a loss. Business volume has increased by 113.6% annually, representing an unprecedented success for the company. After failing to secure a free-to-air television licence 5 years ago, Ricky Wong, CEO of HKTVmall refused to give up. Instead, he embraced digital transformation and left behind old ways of thinking, outdated equipment and technology. Instead, he focused on building a citywide digital shopping network for Hong Kong. Rick’s effort paid off 4 years later. During a recent interview with…

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YouFind Recap | Like or Hate? Utilizing Big Data Analysis to Turn Crises into Opportunities for Brands!

Thank you all for your enthusiastic support! This free seminar by YouFind x SocialMind attracted many PR and corporate communication professionals. We believe everyone now has a better understanding of the importance of Social Listening, helping brands prevent PR crises and align their promotions more precisely and strategically. Thanks again to everyone who attended and participated. We hope you will effectively apply the Listening, Reflect, Reveal trilogy for brand reputation management! Feel free to continue liking our Facebook page to stay updated on the latest in Digital Marketing!

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【YouFind Daily | YouFind Team Building X Annual Dinner 2019】

Time flies when you’re having fun, and just like that, another year has passed! Last Friday marked the annual extravaganza for #YouFinders — the YouFind Team Building X Annual Dinner 2019! With the company’s expansion, there arose a need for more communication and interaction among departments. Hence, this year, the boss once again invited a team of professional facilitators to meticulously design Team Building activities, providing everyone with a space for introspection and bonding. Following the Team Building session was the much-anticipated YouFind Annual Dinner. As they say, “A moment at the Annual Dinner is worth a thousand words.” This…

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【YouFind Recap | 「FB or IG?」 Free Lectures】

Thank you for your support! Once again, the full attendance proves that besides search engines, social media is also another battleground for businesses. We believe that after listening to our case studies, everyone will have a better understanding of the respective characteristics of Facebook and Instagram, and will also have deeper thoughts on which platform to choose for their brands. Don’t want to miss out on more exciting seminars from us? Remember to follow our Facebook page to stay updated with the latest news in the digital market!

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【YouFind Daily | #YouFinders’ Happy Christmas】

【YouFind Daily | #YouFinders’ Happy Christmas】 #MerryChristmas! Time flies, another year has passed. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, our second Christmas party after moving to the new office was a huge success, with You Cafe bustling with excitement. It seems like we’ll be looking for a new office space again soon! After exchanging Christmas gifts, enjoying Christmas treats, and playing group games, the highlight of the night was, of course, the Christmas raffle. Congratulations to all the winners! With the conclusion of the “普Team同庆” festivities, we officially wrap up our Christmas celebrations. Wishing everyone a #MerryChristmas and a romantic holiday…

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