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With the high penetration of internet users in Hong Kong, the need to consider engaging hk Yahoo SEO is an important consideration in online marketing promotion.

One of the first questions to be asked is whether choosing just SEO Yahoo would be sufficient and if Google should also be considered to ensure broader coverage. There is a perception is that Yahoo may cover the broader market whereas Google has more dominance with the more professional, sophisticated market and hence hk Yahoo SEO may find a different type of audience and market.

As the prevalence of Google search engine users continue to increase, the dominance of use of Yahoo in Hong Kong may falter and the importance of doing search engine optimization in both Google and yahoo has its importance. The search engine usage once more traditionally dominated by Yahoo hence local businesses that cherish the need to be found and searched in the local market and there is much interest in engaging Yahoo SEO hk.

If you include the local yahoo HK site in addition to global Yahoo – the competition with local HK Google site and global Google is very close second and the latest up to date’s statistics could prove anyone the leader. Although history shows that Yahoo has been the leader in Hong Kong but this pattern is different from most countries around the world where Google carries the clear majority.

What is interesting is that yahoo HK local site back in the early 2000’s was the popular search site for people in China. Although clearly now Baidu is the clear winner in the mainland China with Google second , although no longer the case – it also paints a picture of how important HK sites are highly popular with Chinese in China and for this reason both SEO Yahoo and Google has its place.

Getting an online presence in China will make these sites in Hong Kong something to seriously consider as part of the online strategy for the Hong Kong market as well as China. Yahoo SEO HK is searched using Chinese characters and for this reason makes it a convenient and logical for Chinese users especially for locals.