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Airstar Bank



Airstar Bank Limited is a jointly established entity by Xiaomi Corporation, global loT leader, and AMTD Group.Asia’s leading comprehensive financial services conglomerate. Airstar Bank has been granted a banking licence by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on 9 May 2019.The bank provides personal loan, deposit, foreign exchange, fund transfer and related banking services.

Virtual Banks are new to Hong Kong, like any start-ups, new customer acquisition is a strategic priority for all virtual banks including Airstar. Airstar wants to boost website traffic and conversion to win new customers and expand their market share.More specifically, they aim to improve their search engine visibility on Google HK and Yahoo HK when searching for both brand/industry related keywords such as ‘virtual bank’and‘企巢絪上银行, as well as and product related keywords such as’定期存款’ and’24小畤贷款.

On top of driving new website traffic through SEO, the 2nd ask from Airstar is that once the visitor has landed on the company’s website, they want an optimized visitor experience to drive conversion.

Budgets are limited – Airstar needed a cost-effective SEO program that drives leads, app downloads, while keeping the cost-per-lead low.


Improve Airstar website ranking and visibility in Google HK and Yahoo HK search result against targeted keywords

lncrease organic website traffic

Enhance website visitor experience, engagements, and conversions

Our Strategy

Based on the client’s request, we first conducted a round of detailed keyword research using various tools, including Google AdWords, Google Search Console, and SEMRush. This research provided us with meaningful insights and answered some important questions, such as:

  • What is the search demand for Airstar Bank branded related keywords?
  • What is the search demand for banking product related keywords?
  • How is Airstar’s website performance in comparison to its competitors?
  • Which keywords are driving traffic to Airstar’s website and which keywords are driving traffic to competitors’ websites?
  • Which keywords are the ‘low hanging fruits’ that are relatively easier to optimize, but will still drive conversion?

Based on these insights, we recommended Airstar Bank to first focus on a batch of focused keywords with highest search demand. Key words such as 虚凝银行,定期存款, and 即畤贷款.This was quickly agreed with Airstar.

SEO work then officially started. We optimized targeted keywords by creating keyword phrases, modifying or creating website content and URLs based on these keyword phrases, updating metadata, and optimizing site structure and linkage. Doing this required many man hours, fortunately we were able to use our self-developed Search Maximizer platform to automate some of these processes.

On the client’s 2nd ask- to enhance visitor experience to drive conversion, we made recommendations on target landing page structure and layout, such as the position of call-to-action buttons, e.g., ‘Download Apps’and ‘”Contact us’ buttons. For most visitors, this means a smoother and sensible digital journey that encourages them to make an inquiry.

Organic Website Traffic

Increase by 31% in 1 year

Organic visitors are twice

more likely to convert in comparison to average conversion rates

Organic visitors are

more engaged (lower Bounce Rate,higher Page / Session, higher Avg. Session Duration)


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