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Jacobson Pharma Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score

Jacobson Pharma Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score


The Oncotype DX® is a genomic-based diagnostic test that predicts the likelihood of chemotherapy benefit and 10-year risk of distant recurrence of certain patients with early-stage breast cancer. It can guide the patient’s treatment decisions, and potentially avoid unnecessary and harmful chemotherapy treatments. The Oncotype DX® is proven effective and has been used by over 900K patients.

Jacob Pharma Corporation, the largest generic drug company in Hong Kong with over 30% share of the total generic drug market for each year since 2012, is the exclusive distributor of Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score.

Jacob Pharma felt that Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score has a lot to offer for women withearly-stage breast cancer. As genomic-based diagnostic test is relatively new to the public, the company wants to raise its public awareness so that more patients can benefit.

The initial ask from this client was to develop a website to promote the Oncotype DX®. This includes site structure design, content and visual development, IT development, and customer journey optimization.

Once the first cut of the website is completed, as this is a brand-new site, they also wanted to quickly improve the website’s traffic through SEO. Site search engine ranking against relevant keywords, such as 乳癌初期治療 and 乳癌化療副作用 need to improve as the website matures.

Social media marketing forms a part of any successful integrated digital marketing strategy, and this project is no different. The client also wanted us to develop their first Facebook page to further expand brand/product awareness of Oncotype DX®.


  • Raise public awareness of genomic-based diagnostic test and the Oncotype DX® Breast Recurrence Score
  • Develop a website to raise brand awareness, increase website search engine visibility and leads through SEO
  • Develop a new Facebook page to further increase engagement with target audience

Our strategy:

Our first challenge is to develop a website that can capture our audiences’ attention and resonate with them. A rich pool of content was created using our own copy writing service. SEO was a key consideration during the content development phase, and we’ve consciously developed various content pillars/topics based on different search intentions:

The patient search pathway and relevant keywords have also been carefully reviewed to ensure that we cover the keywords used by patients at different stages in their recovery journey:

Next comes the technical part of SEO – we optimized targeted keywords by creating keyword phrases, creating website content and URLs based on these keyword phrases, and optimizing title tag, meta description, and source code. Doing this required many man hours, fortunately we were able to use our self-developed Search Maximizer platform to automate some of these processes.

To demonstrate marketing ROI, we’ve set up various lead capturing forms such as application forms for Hong Kong Breast Cancel Foundation’s Breast Recurrence Score Financial Assistance Programme, contact us forms, as well as forms for donations and volunteering.

On the Facebook front, we created Oncotype DX’s first Facebook page. We’ve then developed various content pillars, such as breast cancer patient diet tips and frequently asked questions. These efforts successfully created a feeling of companionship with our target audience, which helped to both attract new fans and increase loyalty.


Website development and search engine optimization


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