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Welcome to the Age of YouTube: How to Rank Your YouTube Videos in 2021?

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Website SEO has been a widely adopted online marketing strategy in recent years. However, SEO is not only available to websites, but also YouTube videos. From unboxing to product demos and comparison, videos have become a primary way for consumers to discover and research on new products. YouTube is the most popular social platform in Hong Kong – in fact, 86% of internet users are YouTube users! YouTube videos can help your brand reach thousands of target customers. YouTube SEO is a video optimization strategy that can boost your video rankings on YouTube with the potential added benefit of bringing your videos onto the first page of Google search results. In this article we will discuss the benefits and tips for YouTube SEO, and how to determine whether it is a right marketing strategy for your brand.

Why YouTube SEO?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – more than 40% respondents say that they have purchased products that they discovered on YouTube (Source: Think With Google). Like Google, YouTube uses algorithms to rank search results and suggest videos to users. By optimizing the content and related information of your videos (e.g. title and introduction), YouTube SEO helps YouTube’s search engine understand your video’s content and how it relates to the searched keywords, thus improving your videos’ YouTube search result rankings and maximize the potential reach of your videos.

From YouTube Ranking to Google Search Ranking

YouTube SEO can boost video rankings and views. It can also potentially help your videos get on the first page of Google, thus reaching the vast audience on Google. In recent years, Google search results have become more and more diverse and include various formats of search results like images, videos and product introduction according to the user’s search intent. YouTube videos are also included in the search results of certain types of keyword searches as shown below:

Search Ranking

Google search results: keyword – “youtube seo”

When searching “youtube seo”, the second search result is a YouTube tutorial video on this topic. Some keyword searches even display videos as the first search result, e.g. “keto bread”:

keto bread

Google search results: keyword – “keto bread”

Of course, not all keyword searches in Google will include video search results. Google will first examine whether the searcher of a particular keyword will be interested in viewing video results. As users who search for “keto bread” are usually looking for recipes and prefer to watch videos, Google will include videos on keto bread recipes at the top.

Is YouTube SEO the Right Strategy for Your Brand?

YouTube videos have a huge potential – but it is also costly. To find out whether YouTube SEO is a good fit for your brand, you can consider (1) the demand of industry-related videos; and (2) the Google search results of your industry-related keywords:

Video Demand for your Industry

If the demand for YouTube videos related to your industry is high, YouTube SEO might be the right strategy for your brand. Here are some typical high-demand video categories:

● Beauty – such as makeup tutorials, unboxing videos of cosmetic products, product demos and comparison, etc.

● Food & beverage – such as recipes, unboxing of kitchenware, product demos and comparison, restaurant taste-tests, etc.

● Consumer electronics – such as product unboxing, demos and comparison, gaming videos, etc.

● Hotel & tourism – such as staycation vlogs that have been very popular since the pandemic.

Use the filtering function of YouTube search to find out the highest view count of industry-related videos. After entering your industry-related keyword, you can sort the search results by view count. Using “staycation HK” as an example:

staycation HK

Click “filters” in the top left corner, then choose “view count” from “sort by”. YouTube search results will be sorted according to view count in descending order:


YouTube search results: keyword – “staycation HK”; Sort by – view count

If you applie this filter when searching, beware of the region, category and relevancy of the videos in the search results, as they may include videos from other Chinese-speaking regions, or videos that are less relevant to your industry/product, like music videos.

The average view count of the top 10 videos related to the search term “staycation HK” is up to 313,000, indicating a high demand for online videos in the hotel industry. Also, the region, category and content of those videos are all directly related to local hotels.

Google Search Results of Industry-related Keywords

We mentioned above that YouTube SEO comes with a potential bonus of getting your videos onto the first page in Google. If the search results of your industry-related keywords in Google include videos (especially at the top), there’s a fair chance that YouTube SEO will help your brand reach more target audience. Leveraging industry knowledge, or use online tools like Google Ads, SEMRush or Ahrefs to find out industry- and product-related keywords with a high search volume, and see if their search results in Google include videos. For example, the first page of the search result of “staycation HK” includes YouTube videos:

YouTube videos

Google search results: keyword – “staycation HK”

Another example is “airfryer”:


Google search results: keyword – “airfryer”

And “foundation recommendation”:

foundation recommendation

Google search results: keyword – “foundation recommendation”

Your potential pool of industry-related keywords will probably be huge. It may include branded keywords, keywords including your product terms, or product-related keywords that do not include product terms. If you have limited time and resources, conduct keyword research from the searcher’s perspective and focus on keywords whose searchers will likely to be looking for video search results.

YouTube SEO Tips

Lastly, below are some tips to improve your YouTube video rankings:

● Optimize your video title, description and tags by including the targeted keywords or other directly or indirectly related keywords naturally (i.e. avoid keyword-spamming)

● Add subtitles – subtitles help YouTube to understand the content of your videos

● Add timestamps – Timestamps are like the table of contents of a book. They allow the audience to grab the main points of your videos instantly, enhance user experience and assist YouTube in understanding your video content (watch YouTube’s official tutorial video for more details)

more details

● Maximize audience engagements – besides content relevancy and view count, audience engagement is also a key factor of video rankings. Strategies to promote interaction include making the videos more entertaining to prolong the average view time, adding polls or call-to-actions (like giveaway, lucky draw, etc.) to encourage more comments, likes and shares from the audience.

YouFind provides integrated digital marketing services covering search engine, online advertisements, social media, etc. We are dedicated to constantly bringing you the latest marketing news so stay tuned.


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Google谷歌海外推廣的過程中 如果通過LinkedIn發掘潛在客戶

眾所周知在谷歌海外推广的過程中社交媒體營銷所占比重是很高的,2020年特別是受到疫情影響,外貿行業利用傳統展會、平台等形式發掘客戶已經不再適用了,如何通過新的渠道來發掘客戶是外貿行業迫在眉睫急需解決的問題,而LinkedIn作為唯一一家獲准在國內運營的海外社交媒體平台,雖然大家都知道它是一個求職和招聘集一體的平台,但是卻忽視了它還是發現並於客戶建立聯系的最佳社交媒體平台。 LinkedIn領英最適合B端外貿的社交平台,客戶質量非常高。是一個任何外貿人都不能放過,更不能錯過的開發客戶新渠道。對很多優秀外貿人來說,他們早已將領英視為收集潛在客戶信息資源的有效來源。 如今領英已經成了外貿行業開發客戶的香餑餑。根據最新數據顯示,LinkedIn領英全球用戶超過6億,中國LinkedIn領英用戶已經突破5千萬,而中國LinkedIn領英用戶裏超過80%都是從事外貿出口相關業務的,也就是說你的同行很可能早已經通過LinkedIn領英開發客戶,搶占市場了。 一個優秀的領英帳號是可以為你持續性的帶來客戶,帶來詢盤,帶來訂單的。如何利用LinkedIn領英高效開發客戶資源和穩定有效的詢盤?我們不妨向那些優秀的外貿人學習,試試社交化主動式開發。 搜索尋找潛在客戶 領英自帶模糊查詢功能,搜索框輸入關鍵詞(產品關鍵詞、人名、公司名),它會給你列出一堆搜索結果,有完全匹配的也有半匹配的。 通過LinkedIn領英直接找出目標國家內自己產品的所有潛在客戶,從中找到關鍵人的郵箱、或公司的領英賬號,快速精准的搜索獲得海量豐富的客戶資源。 良好的內容互動率 內容互動率指的是一篇內容的點贊、轉發、評論、轉化的數量。在LinkedIn中,一個賬號發布的內容獲得越多的互動,賬號就會在相關的搜索和類目結果中,獲得越好的排名與推薦曝光。這一點提示我們,發布內容一定要優質,而不是粗制濫造。 自我營銷 既然是商業社交圈,那麼如何讓客戶信任你?專業的形象,自信的表現,對本行業產品的認知,這些都可以通過LinkedIn profile, Article或Share An Update,以及Company page等體現出來。 加入LinkedIn領英群組 加入一些與你的行業,利基或興趣相關的小組,擴大你在領英LinkedIn上的社交圈。參與小組活動是一種以有機方式結識潛在客戶並與之互動的好方法。 LinkedIn領英SEO優化排名 領英是一個搜索引擎,有自己的排名機制。你在LinkedIn領英上的搜索結果中排名越靠前,客戶找到你的幾率就越大。因此對於外貿企業來說,SEO優化搜索就是很好的一個方法。...



今時今日,不論大家的手機或電腦,都可能蘊含各種具有資訊價值的數據。聚沙成塔,這些巨量的資料就能成為大數據(Big Data),為商家提供準確的發展方向,獲取更大利潤。 正因如此,大數據變成了一種有市有價的商品之一。然而,市場上不同的大數據資料擁有人,對於交易抱有不同取態。這可分為三類:交易絕緣者、市場參與者和價值輕忽者。 交易絕緣者,是指資料擁有人覺得自己的資訊獨特和極具重要性,若把它們流出市面,則有可能失去本身的領先地位,所以不願進行相關交易。以萬事達卡為例,由於公司早已為多間銀行和商家提供服務,手握超過六百多億交易紀錄以推斷消費者行為,於是該公司選擇自己分析數據,然後根據結果發展其他商機。 至於市場參與者,是持有人知道自己的資料是有市場價值,所以願意在合適的條件和市場價格下出售它們,例如全球第四大機票購票網站「ITA軟件」則屬於這類。ITA認為公司應該把資料只集中用於賣機票的業務上,不作其他用途,所以願意將手上的大數據賣給其他公司。 而最後一種是價值輕忽者,他們往往只知手上的資料具有某種價值,但忽略了它們的潛在價值,所以不介意交出手上的資料,換取其他利益。再以信用卡為例,不少美國中小型銀行覺得處理信用卡欺詐成本很高,所以將這業務和有關資料轉往大型金融機構處理,結果像MBNA這種資本雄厚的美國銀行便可一間公司獨大,囊括大部分市場業務。 話說回來,香港的大數據仍是個有待完善的龐大市場,私營機構可用作提升業務增長;公營機構可用作掌握犯罪資訊。假如要推動香港大數據的發展,政府則需投放更多資源於建立一個穩健、公平的資料交易機制,讓交易者得到保障,從而孕育更多市場參與者投入其中。  



打開搜索引擎,推廣平臺的內容足以讓你眼花繚亂。網路推廣,是電子商務人員對有形產品甚至無形服務的一種宣傳,它以網路的形式展現,用多姿多彩的圖文或者視頻內容吸引接收者,達到宣傳推廣的目的。這在某種程度上改變了傳統的從業方式,提供了更多的機會給新的社會人。但是,作為新型的行銷模式手段,有利可行,競爭也更是激烈化,呈現如火如荼的畫面。 不論對於主動選擇網路平台推廣者,還是對於被動接受網路平台的推廣者,網路推廣平臺的競爭都是有著很大的積極意義的。首先它的出現就是一個創意,創新的精神刺激著每一個關注者的神經,要生存要發展,就一定要有突出亮點。我們鼓勵良性競爭,願意以更多精力投入到五花八門的推廣平臺上,擇優而錄。這對於精神飽滿的國人不斷創新,不能停滯不前,不進則退,迎難而上正是我們所需要的,這是名族精神,也是現代精神。


YouTube推出“創作激勵計劃” 布局海外網絡推廣的最佳時機

作為一個以用戶生成內容為主導的平台,youtube全球注冊用戶近20億,是月活躍用戶最高的短視頻平台。同時youtube也是年輕一代最喜愛的社交平台,在最近一次調查中油管博主已然成為各大年輕人士向往的職業,為此油管不負眾望先後推出了各色各樣的變現通道以此激勵新人油管博主的創作動力。這一激勵措施將會導致YouTube湧現更多的新用戶,為平台提供更多高質量的內容,當下正是企業布局布局海外網絡推廣的最佳時機。 激勵方式之一:視頻播放流量達標開啟獲利通道 通常來說收益變現最直接的方法就是通過流量即播放量來達成,而youtube視頻獲利的最關鍵條件是: 需要過去一年視頻播放超過4000小時 粉絲訂閱數超過1000 只有達到這倆個條件的頻道才可以開通獲利,並且開通期間需要曆時一周到一個月人工審核。 激勵方式之二:Google Adsense聯盟廣告傭金 在頻道啟用獲利功能時,就可以為視頻啟用廣告。廣告會通過 AdSense 競價、Google Ad Manager 和其他 YouTube 出售的來源投放。 可以明確的是YouTube的收益激勵一直是國內外單價較高的線上平台之一,作為已經聲名在外的大網站,YouTube需要好的質量作品來支撐日常引流,創作者通過上傳視頻作品獲得來自Google Adsense的聯盟廣告傭金,而且同樣的廣告單價相比國內單價高了也不止1倍,可見誠意之高。 除了激勵計劃,YouTube平台的直接變現方式還有哪些呢? 粉絲打賞...


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