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LinkedIn is not so popular in Hong Kong but it is commonly used in other country and Hong Kong is also becoming common among people for business use.

In fact it has more than 330 million (Pls check the update figure) members in LinkIn now and it is the top XX (Pls find out) for social media platform.

What comes to mind when someone mentions LinkedIn? Most people think LinkedIn is a place to post your resume and someone will contact you for a job interview. Others think it’s a business networking website where you can network wit like-minded people and generate leads for your business.

Even today, most people don』t understand the power of LinkedIn, but they signed up because they received an invitation from a friend or colleague.

Many people ask me if LinkedIn is better than Facebook for connecting with people. A couple of years ago, I preferred to use LinkedIn to build my professional network and sue Facebook to connect with my personal network. Facebook is trying hard to become both a personal and professional network, and they』re succeeding. Of course, I am friends with some people on Facebook who are also connected with me on LinkedIn, which is fine with me. My differentiation is focused on what I put on both networks. I post personal comments and pictures on Facebook, while I post business-oriented information on LinkedIn. Personally I don』t like to see people’s business-oriented status updates on Facebook. When I am on Facebook, I want to turn off my business-oriented brain and have fun. When I am on LinkedIn, my business-oriented brain is turned on, and I prefer to see only business-related information. That was my opinion a few years ago, but something interesting happened that changed my view of Facebook for business. When I posted some business tips (Make an example) on both Facebook and LinkedIn. It turned out I received more downloads from Facebook than I was from LinkinIn. After experimenting, I discovered Facebook is very effective for business. Now I use Facebook for personal and business while keeping my LinkedIn activity purely business

Do I think Facebook will ever replace LinkedIn or vice versa as an all-in-one networking site? My personal opinion is no, because most people like to keep their personal life separate from their work life. More and more businesses are building a presence on Facebook – which is making Facebook and effective way to engage business prospects – but I am not ready to merge my personal life with my business life yet. I like the fact that LinkedIn is pure business and I can engage3 people on a business-level without distractions.


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