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Google SEO Ranking Optimization Guide: Do these 3 points well It’s hard to think about rankings!

Google SEO ranking optimization needs a step-by-step process! If you want to do a good job in Google SEO ranking, you must have a complete optimization plan! Normally, Google SEO optimization includes off-site SEO, on-site SEO and technical SEO.


1. The technical SEO operation of Google SEO ranking optimization

In addition to on-site SEO optimization and off-site SEO optimization, it is a technical SEO optimization operation, which mainly includes the following points:

1. Whether the website code structure is concise.

2. Whether the website is compatible with mobile terminals, whether it adopts a responsive architecture, Google clearly indicates that responsive websites will get the opportunity to be ranked first!

3. Whether the website server configuration and bandwidth are OK, for example, the access speed can load the whole site within 5 seconds.

4. Whether the webpage is compressed.

5. Whether CDN acceleration is enabled on the website.

6. Whether the website has an SSL certificate installed, Google has made it clear that the website with an SSL certificate will get the opportunity to be displayed first.


2. Google SEO ranking optimization on-site SEO optimization operation

Google SEO on-page SEO is what we usually call on-page SEO optimization, keyword layout, etc.!

1. The T&D of the website page must contain SEO keywords.

2. The website page must be H tag, and the content level is clear.

3. The website page has breadcrumb navigation, which is convenient for search engine spiders to crawl.

4. The content of the website can actually help users solve problems, the content quality should be high, and it can solve the needs of users! The content is best written around keywords, which is easier to get good rankings.

5. Set up social media platform share buttons.

6. Site map and Robots.txt.

7. Internal link layout to ensure that there are no isolated pages inside the website and improve the crawling efficiency of spiders.

Google SEO on-site optimization to do a good job in the above 7 points, the website will naturally get a good ranking! Of course, the most important thing is to persevere, perseverance to do SEO optimization, the ranking will get better and better.


3. Off-site SEO optimization operation of Google SEO ranking optimization

Google SEO Off-page Optimization usually refers to off-page drainage and promotion, which roughly includes the following points:

1. Publish external links on high-authority or authoritative platforms.

2. Attract traffic from social media platforms by sharing website content to social media platforms.

3. Insist on publishing high-quality external links.

Google SEO off-page optimization is mainly to improve the authority and traffic of your website through external links, so as to achieve the purpose of improving rankings!

This Google SEO ranking optimization guide includes three major aspects, namely: off-page SEO optimization, on-site SEO optimization, and technical SEO optimization operations!

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