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Seacrh Marketing 免費放盤﹒搵樓專家 | Facebook | Video ▍顛覆傳統.全新買賣租樓資訊平台經紀不似預期?經紀多勞唔多得?買賣雙方各有要求難配對?就知道之前嘅15秒版唔夠喉滿足大家嘅好奇心,full version版繼續有「講生活.講享受」嘅型爸 Jason Chan 陳智燊教路,有House101一App在手,以上所有問題通通一掃而空no problem!買賣租樓從此更舒適無憂!仲諗?Click入 下載啦! 由即日起,HOUSE101放盤服務費用全免兼享強勁宣傳帶來龐大的曝光機會,助你零成本極速配對合適的成交對象,無論樓宇買賣或物業租賃一樣快捷、方便、有效益,請立即行動! 免費放盤詳情: #HOUSE101 #APS101 #識揀一定揀APS101 #仲唔啲download #免費 #放盤 #創業 #在最舒適的空間尋找最溫馨的家

Background: Okamoto Industries Inc. was established in 1934 and is one of the famous condom manufacturers in the world. The headquarters are situated in Tokyo, Japan. Due to continuous growth, Okamoto has set-up subsidiaries in Hong Kong, China, USA, Thailand, and Vietnam in order to penetrate into the Asian and North American markets. Prior to …

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田原香 Background Tian Yuan Xiang is a Taiwanese brand of chicken essence, which is a popular traditional remedy in Asia believed to improve cognitive functions. It is made from chicken extract and is primarily used by pregnant or post-pregnancy women, but can be used by anyone as a general health supplement. Tian Yuan Xiang wants …

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Hoya Lens HK | Facebook | Photo 【HOYA考考你:一秒作答系列】 【HOYA考考你:一秒作答系列】考考大家,請按下圖一下,你能一秒說出以下文字的「顏色」而非文字的「讀音」嗎? #HoyaLensHK #考眼力 #顏色 LINK:

Background  DCH Food Mart, established in 1985, is dedicated to providing quality products and best-in-class service to customers. Today, DCH Food Mart operates more than 50 stores in Hong Kong providing premium meat and seafood alongside fresh fruit and daily groceries as a one-stop shop for consumers’ home cooking needs.  DCH Foods faces intense competition from …

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Ricola | Facebook | Video 【最後2週!投入Ricola自「遊」世界!】 【最後2週!投入Ricola自「遊」世界!】去旅遊做足準備,先玩得夠盡興!由即日起至5月2號,買利口樂即有機會換領/換購Ricola限量版旅遊用品!立即換齊可以hand carry上機嘅20”行李箱、隨你變款嘅咕????頸枕同超輕便攜水樽!再帶埋時刻滋潤你喉嚨嘅利口樂,旅程一定夠晒盡興! 詳情: #Ricola #RicolaHK #利口樂 #SwissMade #體驗自然潤喉滋味 #天然滋潤自遊賞 #自遊行 #旅遊

Hitachi HK | Facebook | Photo 【一人一個夏日消暑「涼」方】有獎遊戲 【一人一個夏日消暑「涼」方】有獎遊戲夏天為大地帶嚟汗水,天氣咁熱,除咗開住日立小涼伴,大家仲有咩消暑嘅「涼」方妙計? 而家只要分享一個創意嘅消暑方法,講得最有趣就有機會贏走《獅王潔白物語洗衣液(3L)》乙支(名額40位),快啲通知親友齊齊玩Game贏獎品啦! 遊戲步驟:1. Like 「Hitachi HK」 Facebook專頁(本專頁) 及 此Post2. 分享此Post(設定成公開),Tag兩位朋友3. 於留言欄分享【一個創意嘅消暑方法】 遊戲截止時間:2019年7月31日23:59遊戲條款及細則: #日立 #HITACHI #InspiretheNext #冷氣機 #小涼伴 #消暑涼方 #有獎遊戲 LINK:

Airstar Bank Search Background Airstar Bank Limited is a jointly established entity by Xiaomi Corporation, global loT leader, and AMTD Group.Asia’s leading comprehensive financial services conglomerate. Airstar Bank has been granted a banking licence by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on 9 May 2019.The bank provides personal loan, deposit, foreign exchange, fund transfer and related …

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