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How to build a successful e-business model?

A digital marketing model is a marketing model that can carry all businesses. Even if others plagiarize, there are ways…

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2a. 行銷的演變:由4Ps到8Ps 傳統行銷講 4Ps,4Ps在上世紀 70 年代興起,靠電腦做分析,其中要素有: 1.Product(產品) 2.Price(定價) 3.Place(通路) 4.Promotion(推廣) 發展到80年代,服務業變成講8Ps,其中要素有: 1.Product(產品) 2.Price(定價) 3.Place(通路) 4.Promotion(推廣) 5.People(人) 6.Process(流程) 7.Physical evidence(實體形象與展示) 8.Productivity(科技令服務更暢順)…

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Three keywords for digital marketing

Three key words of digital marketing: 1. Relationship Marketing Relationship marketing, i.e. the engagement of online customers, is crucial, and…

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What is Digital Marketing (2) Difficulties in Digital Marketing: “If you can’t measure it, it’s hard to improve”

Marketing giant Peter Drucker once said, “If you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it.” (If you can not measure…

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What is digital marketing (1) The importance and power of digital promotion

“Ever-changing” is an old term, but it is apt to describe the latest information technology. Millennials, electronics have disrupted the…

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