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What does KOL mean in Chinese? How to distinguish between “Internet celebrities” and “KOL”?

In an era before the Internet was popularized, the transmission of information was very “one-way”. The main source of information we came into contact with was the mass media – the news was received by reporters, digested, organized and reported by reporters, and then conveyed to you and me. However, in today’s era, information is not only one-way, but also “multi-faceted”. Like a spider web, you and I can connect independently or collectively in groups. From the perspective of the masses, KOL (Key Opinion Leader) plays a decisive role. The comments made by KOL on social media not only attract the attention of countless followers, but also influence the opinions of many people. consumption decisions. It is not difficult to understand that many brand managers and advertisers are now striving to find excellent KOLs to achieve advertising effects.

So, what does KOL mean in Chinese?

KOL (English: Key Opinion Leader), literally translated as key opinion leader, refers to a particularly influential person on the Internet. Most of them open accounts through online social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram, and regularly post content on specific topics. Gradually, It has accumulated a large number of subscriptions and attention from netizens. Some KOLs involved in consumer goods will attract businesses to seek cooperation with them to sell advertisements.

So, what are the requirements for an excellent KOL? Does high visibility mean influence? actually not. Popularity and influence are both important indicators. However, they may not have a direct relationship.

A well-known KOL is likely to have a large number of supporters (i.e. fans) or followers (Followers), but this does not necessarily mean that this KOL can influence their consumption decisions; on the contrary, a KOL with strong influence may He was hardly a household name, but he was followed by a handful of supporters.

Quality and quantity indicators for selecting KOLs

Thinking more deeply, what factors should marketers consider when evaluating how to choose the right KOL? With the accumulated experience of our team, we would like to share the factors that need to be considered when choosing KOL.

First, qualitative indicators.

We will depend on the content affinity (Content Affinity), among which there are 4 indicators that we often refer to:


We will first check whether the KOL is a user of the product, whether he/she has written online information (Feed), and whether his/her own expertise is related to the industry/product.

2. Look & Style

In this regard, Hong Kong people are indeed relatively superficial. This factor is very important to consumers. We will all look at whether the KOL shows an appearance and taste that attracts the audience on the Internet, and whether his/her remarks have positive energy. ? Or more emotional or passive? These are important factors because his appearance and taste are related to whether he fits the brand.

3.Tone & Manner

From KOL’s online publishing, we will look at how KOL uses words? When he describes the product, does the wording fit the needs of the brand? Can the tone of voice attract (Engage) the target customer group (Target Audience)? Because on the Internet, some KOLs sometimes speak more frivolously or extremely. If the brand’s target customer group is more mature and stable, the relevance of this KOL is questionable.

4.Experience (Experience & Voice)

We will look at how much knowledge the KOL has about the product and industry, and whether it is recognized enough by the audience. Especially in the electronic product (such as Gadget) industry, the audience often seeks something in-depth and insightful from KOL. Powerful reviews (Insights), which can save time, effort and money in self-exploration. Many people in Hong Kong pursue speed and convenience, which is why many people follow KOLs. Therefore, we will also look at whether the KOL is an expert and a trend leader (thought leadership). If so, this will of course be a big plus.

Second, quantitative indicators.

We will look at KOL’s mass influence (Audience Base). The so-called mass influence, as the name suggests, this part of the criterion will analyze more data.

1. Contact surface (Reach)

This refers to the number of audiences that the KOL can potentially reach. If it is on Facebook, it will look at the number of followers (followers). On Youtube, it will look at the number of subscribers (subscribers). On a personal blog, it will look at the number of followers. See how many readers or clicks you get.

2.Engagement Rate

Simply put, can KOLs get closer to their audiences? Even if you are a KOL with a wide range of contacts, you still need to see whether his audience will read the information published by the KOL or even respond. Therefore, from “like” (like), “response” (Comment), The number of shares, etc., allows us to determine the amount of interaction between the audience and the KOL.

3.Number of Re-Posts

The above two points are focused on KOL. In fact, a successful KOL is often like a stone that stirs up a thousand waves – the audience who has first-hand contact with the KOL is limited. However, if someone among them spreads the information to their surrounding friends, Forwarding and sharing will greatly increase the ripple effect. Just think about it, if 100 people who are willing to forward it have 100 friends, and if every friend is willing to forward it, then 1 million people will see it. It can be seen that This effect is not just a multiplication, but a geometric progression.

Category 1: High relevance, low mass influence

Just those KOLs whose content is highly relevant and has low mass influence. We would recommend selecting several KOLs in this category to accurately reach the target audience, but you cannot rely on just one, otherwise the overall reach may be weak. Take “Tang Wei” as an example. Although she is a very famous and shining A-list star, with her appearance, behavior, taste and experience, there is no doubt that her content is relevant. However, , she has almost no contact with social media and has few followers on the Internet, so her mass influence is quite low, and she is an exception.

Category 2: Win with  quantity 

So, shouldn’t we use those KOLs whose content relevance and mass influence are low? Not necessarily. Because we can use multiple KOLs of this category in our marketing plans. This strategy of winning by “volume” helps to create reverberation and momentum (Noise), making the audience feel that there are product discussions all around. Many times , this “quantity” ranges from a dozen to dozens. In addition, we will all recommend to reserve KOLs and invite them to participate in company activities and comment on products when necessary. Especially in times of crisis, such KOLs are often cheaper and can help at these times. Busy.

Category 3: Low content relevance and high mass influence

They are KOLs with low content relevance and high mass influence. In terms of marketing planning, it is not necessary to use many such KOLs, just a few are enough. Based on their mass influence, they can help increase the brand’s popularity. For example, McDonald’s once hired the specified Hong Kong KOL Xiong Zaitou to promote its newly launched products. The KOL Xiong Zaitou is not highly compatible with McDonald’s, but it is better than Xiong Zaitou’s YouTube frequency of more than 500,000. Subscribers, due to their influence, can still achieve promotional effects even if the correspondence between the two is not high.

Category 4: Highly relevant content and high mass influence

Finally, KOLs with high content relevance and mass influence are of course the most suitable. The number of such KOLs does not need to be large because these KOLs usually involve higher costs.

Filtering criteria

In addition, we need to adopt 4 screening criteria:

1.Are KOL’s fees reasonable?

In the market, the prices of many KOLs are quite fluctuating, which is what we call “seafood prices” as the saying goes. Especially when a certain KOL becomes popular, or when they have a lot of work on their hands, the price they charge can increase at an alarming rate. If their asking price is too high, we need to consider whether the price is reasonable or turn to other methods.

2. KOL’s cooperation

Is it easy for KOLs to work together and will they promote products on time? Will the other party conceal their own interests? Or difficult to work with? For example, if you write a review after trying a product, will it be published publicly without discussion? In addition, some popular KOLs may have managers themselves, so if you cooperate with this KOL, you must also work with her manager. These are all factors that need to be considered.

3.KOL’s image

Some KOLs may be entangled in negative news, scandals, and scandals, but we try to avoid these.

4. Commercialization of KOL

Finally, some KOLs may have a large number of followers and their content is highly relevant, but they may be too commercial, may endorse a large number of brands, or even have endorsed rival brands, which may not be suitable. Especially in an era where word-of-mouth is paramount, KOLs that are too commercial may be less persuasive.

Cultivate brand KOLs

At the beginning, there is no need to rush to find KOL. Many times we will recommend that the company compile and keep a list of KOLs. In fact, we can develop some of the KOLs whose content is not very relevant and let them realize their potential and endorse the company’s products. We usually recommend allowing KOLs to have first-hand access to different industry information, or even provide samples of new products for trial use, in order to increase the relevance of their content. Some companies have a Best User Award, which can reward some potential KOLs and teach them about the company’s products. These practices can directly improve the relevance of his content.

So, how do we improve some KOLs with low mass influence? We can directly invite them to the company’s activities to allow them to reach the company’s audience, thereby enhancing their mass influence. We can also place targeted marketing ads on Facebook to increase their mass influence.

For some KOLs who are low in both, we will also recommend that companies continue to cultivate these KOLs, because when the company is in crisis, the company can quickly find loyal users and let them use a third-person perspective to promote the brand. Speak up, do some Neutralization for the brand, put out some fires.

To give an example, Lai Lai held a concert earlier. Due to some problems at the venue, the concert could not start as scheduled. He quickly resolved the crisis within 24 hours. His public relations skills and responsibility for the matter were a great benefit to the participants. Refunds are provided without question. But the main reason why he was able to quickly quell the crisis was his fan club. Liming’s content may not be highly relevant, nor may it have great mass influence, but it is better to have a response and a large number of people, so the storm can be calmed down quickly.

“Internet celebrity” and “large size”

Do you still remember “The Power of Prehistoric Times”? In just one night, a news response turned into a hot topic in the city, and even appeared on Weibo’s hot search list, turning female swimming star Fu Yuanhui into an “Internet celebrity”. The “prehistoric power” has caused netizens to imitate him one after another, and some companies want to find Fu as a KOL (Key opinion leader) to promote their own brands.

What is the difference between ” Internet celebrities ” and “KOLs” as Hong Kong people often call them?

“Internet celebrity” refers to a person who is famous in a certain field or who suddenly becomes famous due to some events. For example, a Japanese artist recently became an “Internet celebrity” with a song “PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)”. red”. The three repeated lyrics and simple movements are enough to make the song go viral on the Internet. In addition to being adapted into multiple versions, it has also been covered by many celebrities. However, the popularity of this kind of “Internet celebrity” often only lasts for a short period of time, probably only one to two months. Moreover, people who follow “Internet celebrities” have nothing in common, and they may be the audience regardless of gender. When it comes to people who have become “Internet celebrities” with their songs, you will definitely think of PSY, who became famous all over the world with his horse-riding dance “Gangnam Style” a few years ago. Although this brainwashing song spread like a virus and received over 100 million views in a short period of time, the craze often comes and goes quickly, and the new songs he released later never attracted attention. Just like after the Olympic Games ended, Fu Yuanhui’s exposure, attention and discussion gradually declined.

KOLs are collectively referred to as “big ones” in the mainland, including celebrities and celebrities in a certain field. As far as fame is concerned, the image of “big” has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, while “Internet celebrities” are often remembered only by their actions, expressions or golden quotes. Another focus is the audience. “Large” audiences usually have a specific age group, gender or interest. If you want to see Japan’s tourism and food information, you will visit KOL pages that often share Japan’s tourism information. As for other areas such as parenting, beauty, fashionable clothing, and cooking, there are corresponding groups of KOLs, and usually a KOL only knows Focus on one area.

The difference between “Internet celebrities” and “KOLs” has a significant impact and inspiration on brands’ placement of advertising resources.

If local Hong Kong brands want to seize a certain craze and promote it in the mainland, they must accurately allocate different resources to “Internet celebrities” and “plus-size brands”. Using “Prehistoric Power” as an example, Sam suggested that customers add tags to their Weibo posts to increase their exposure and at the same time cooperate with “large-scale” promotions related to the target customer group. Sam can use simple methods to increase the overall exposure of the client’s brand, thereby achieving widespread dissemination. Therefore, from a business perspective, every brand should consider carefully when placing advertising resources and should not blindly “extract”, so that it can resonate with the audience and further improve the brand image.

Case sharing: How are KOLs made today?

Today, the influence of Internet celebrities can be said to be far-reaching. When they promote products on their own platforms with huge fan bases, they can often spread the word to tens or hundreds of people in an instant, directly stimulating product sales. sales, so it’s no wonder that advertisers are willing to spend hundreds of millions every year to sponsor some Instagram KOLs and YouTube superstars, giving rise to a new internet celebrity economy in the marketing world.

Precisely because the Internet celebrity industry has a market and a price, this has also led to the birth of some specialized disciplines that “teach people how to become KOLs.” In China, Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College (YWICC) ​​has launched an “Internet Celebrity Department” college course in recent years, focusing on cultivating KOLs. The content of the course is very wide, including acting, makeup and styling, public relations etiquette, beauty and grooming, dance, catwalk on stage, etc. The final exam also includes an assessment part of “posing 15 figures in 30 seconds”.

However, although there are more and more such KOL training courses nowadays, it is not as easy as imagined to create a popular KOL. It often requires the cooperation of the right time, place and people.

For example, Korean singer PSY, although he became an instant hit with the song “Gangnam Style” in 2014 and became a world-renowned Internet celebrity, in fact, he has gone through more than ten years of hard work and attempts, coupled with the Korean style effect, Only by mastering the public psychology in music can we achieve our current achievements.

As for young people in Hong Kong who want to join the KOL industry , although they may not be able to completely borrow PSY’s successful tactics, there are rules to follow if they want to become Internet celebrities and earn thousands or even tens of thousands of Internet celebrity income. The key is to find a creative direction that is popular with the public but has not yet become popular, develop it consistently, attract the attention of more and more netizens, and regularly analyze data and make improvements. Then becoming an outstanding Internet celebrity is not out of reach.

Digital Engagement Model

The model in the figure below provides a set of criteria and clear guidance for marketers to formulate and measure the indicators of promotional activities. Based on different indicators, they can develop a competitive integrated digital strategy. At the same time, this model can also serve as a structural framework, allowing companies to decide which digital marketing tools to use to achieve marketing goals more effectively, and decide which data and measurement tools to use to check effectiveness and improve activities.

1.1.Awareness & Knowledge

At this level, we will try our best to maximize exposure and target a wider audience, and the tools we usually use are emails, website banners, etc. In terms of measurement, we will look at how many people have opened the email, how many people have viewed the website banner (Impressions), the number of viewers (Views), the click-through rate (Click-through Rate), and the reach (Reach), etc. .

2. Interest & Attitude

At this level, the goal is to interact with potential customers. The strategy we usually adopt is through social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. In terms of measurement, the indicators will be “Likes”, responses (Comments), and “retweets”. ” (Share/Re-post), “Follow” (Follow), etc.

3. Involvement & Engagement

At this level, our goal becomes more practical. The goal is to receive inquiries from potential customers. The tools we usually use are YouTube, blogs, email newsletters, or the company’s own membership programs. Metrics usually look at the number of video views, blog followers, number of people subscribing to email newsletters, number of participants in membership programs, etc.

4. Word of mouth

At this level, these are already potential customers or even existing customers. We will look at all platforms, including channels for leaving messages and comments, such as online discussion boards, groups, Facebook, bloggers, etc. , because it can create a lot of noise and citations, it does not necessarily mean that the results are good. We also need to measure the positive and negative degrees of popularity (Sentiment) to see whether the popularity is positive or negative, because in case of a crisis, , there may be many references on the Internet, but it does not mean it is a good thing. Metrics in this regard are number of comments, number of citations, popularity, etc.

5. Action

What we look at is how many potential customers are converted into actual customers (Conversion). Actions include direct purchases (including online or in physical stores). The indicators we usually use include the usage rate of stamps and the number of shoppers on the website; on the other hand, it can also be actual participation in activities organized by the company, or use of For a certain service of the company, here we will look at the conversion rate (Conversion/Acquisition), etc.

6. Advocacy & Champion

We hope to connect with loyal customers at this level, hoping that these customers will advocate the use of this product among their friend groups. At this level, we will look at how many positive user-generated content (Positive User-generated Content), case studies (Case Studies), and experience sharing (Testimony) created by customers, how many citations there are, how many users will forward his content, and questionnaires. engagement, positive reviews, online links to share products, etc. In terms of metrics, we look at retweeting of online links, sales generated from referrals, etc.


There are many digital marketing tools. Before you choose the right tool, you must ask yourself who the audience of your product is. Different tools have different impacts on different audiences. For example, if your audience is people aged 15 to 25, these KOLs may be more affected than other age groups because the topics they are exposed to on a daily basis are likely to be different. It is related to KOL, so KOL is an effective digital marketing tool for them, and other digital marketing tools have different key audiences, but of course digital marketing encourages the use of different tools to promote the same product or Serve. Each tool can play a different role. Some are to share direct information, some are to build an image, and some are to help you convey information. So use different tools appropriately to promote the same product or service and cooperate with each other. This is marketing. Important points that personnel cannot ignore.

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要實現數碼行銷領域的「量度」,必然離不開全新的數碼策略模型。筆者身為策略師,曾向不少大中型企業制訂數碼策略(Digital Strategy),並以多年教學及顧問經驗,整合了一個全新的「數碼策略模型」(Digital Strategy Model),把數碼行銷的概念形象化,並涵蓋其特性,為市場人員提供框架,以便更有效應用到數碼行銷的策略制定和量度上。 這個全新的「數碼策略模型」提供了一套準則,並給予清晰的指引,讓市場人員制訂和量度推廣活動的指標,可因應不同的指標,訂立具競爭力的整合數碼策略。同時,這模型亦能作為一個結構框架,讓企業能決定採用哪些數碼行銷工具,以更有效達致行銷目的,並釐定運用哪些數據和量度工具,作檢測成效及改善活動之用。  「數碼行銷」的整合策略並不局限於技術操作層面,在執行方面亦應深究。例如: 01.接觸客戶時,文案是否切合顧客的語言習慣,內容是否別出心裁,能否在眾多 Post(Post)中出奇制勝,以加強顧客與品牌產品的互動性? 02.在社交平台處理負面評價時,企業是否有成熟的危機意識及配套,迎刃化解公關災難? 03.反之,如果在網下出現「公關災難」,企業又能否駕馭強大的數碼平台,扭轉頹勢,挽留現有客戶群之餘,又增加正面評價,吸納更多新客人呢? 市場人員在制定行銷計劃時,亦應按年度財務預算及業務性質,適當地分配資源到網上網下平台,作全面的市場策劃。一些小型企業及非牟利機構,亦可善用網上資源,以數碼平台,開拓新領域。 「數碼行銷」雖有別於傳統行銷,但不代表應摒棄傳統市場學概念,而應以這些學術模型為基礎,再加以建構及反覆修改,創立一套適合「數碼行銷」的獨特方案。 #個案分享: 快和準對數碼化的重要性 記得在去年10月,一間醫學美容中心推出一輯網上廣告,請來外貌非常相似的阮兆祥和盧覓雪飾演一對孖女,用二人的成長過程遇到的不同待遇,帶出做好皮膚保養的重要性。廣告推出後立即成為網上熱話,兩位藝人、連帶美容中心在社交平台的提及度(Social Mentions)大增。除了廣告片本身的瀏覽量高外,美容中心Facebook專頁的讚好人數,也在廣告播出後短短一個月增加了10%。 其實,阮兆祥和盧覓雪這對「孖公仔」組合並非首次在銀幕上出現。早在2010年TVB一個節目中,二人初次走在一起,已成功變做熱話。這次醫學美容中心廣告又將熱話「翻炒」,成功捉住網民對這個搞笑組合的喜愛度。當然,其他品牌也可乘著熱潮,邀請他們作宣傳。 熱話每天都有,但能否利用熱話為自己的品牌帶來好的宣傳效果,那便視乎市場營銷人員的功架了。在2016年,有網民將《夢中的婚禮》配上「雞!全部都係雞」的歌詞,很快便在網上鋪天蓋地流傳,不少市場營銷人員都爭相利用這首歌,在Facebook出帖子、拍片。早前也有補習導師將學生感謝他的Whatsapp對話放在Facebook專頁,不過很快就被網民質疑是他自己傳給自己「製造」感謝對話。不少Marketer都隨即「抽水」(即在某一事件上借機引申為對另一事件/事物的批判或嘲諷),製作相類似的感謝對話,為自己品牌「吸like」(即吸引對其的注意及喜歡),增加專頁的互動率(Engagement Rate),又可讓更多人認識自己的品牌。 不過,即使市場營銷人員亦深深明白「即時」的重要性,但很多公司的制度都未必容許自己品牌的Facebook專頁帖子成為熱門話題。前線員工或營銷公司從看到熱門話題,到構思「抽水」點子、寫Facebook帖子、設計圖片,可能只是1至2小時的事情,不過有些公司的帖子要經高層審批,之後還要過「高高層」,拖延1至2天才通過,可能屆時熱潮己過。...



每10個消費者便有9個會使用智能手機的語音助手;41%的人更表示每天都使用此功能   根據聲譽管理和本地SEO供應商Chatmeter的最新調查和報告顯示,九成的智能手機用家有使用虛擬助手的習慣。         四成人會查看當地資訊           調查亦發現,大約四成消費者會「用語音搜尋查看路線、地址或營業時間」,而27%的人表示「語音系統的主要用途是尋找餐廳、商店或公司。」          用流動裝置搜尋當地資訊非常普遍。以Google昨天的電話會議為例,總裁Sundar Pichai說:「本地的流動搜尋比整體的流動搜尋更快速地增長,單以去年為計,已增長接近五成。」 ...


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Summary of the Top 12 Factors for Google SEO Ranking Optimization

When optimizing your website for Google SEO rankings, you need to consider several factors and follow Google’s best practices and…



網路上五花八門的偽原創文章工具多不勝數,這些工具都無疑是通過利用近義詞替換的原理把一篇文章裡能替換的詞替換掉生成一篇偽原創文章,這算是一種取巧手法去創作內容,能大大節省原創內容創作所需的人工成本,它常用于網站更新的需求。但是偽原創內容的來源畢竟不是原汁源味的題材,它好比一部電視劇被翻拍過一樣,是很難超越原版原著給人留下的的經典印象。 原創內容還是要實打實的用心去創作才能吸引真正的訪問者,才能引起搜尋引擎的重視,當你創作的內容真實可靠有可讀性時或是能解答人們想要瞭解的知識時,Google也會認為你的內容是有價值的內容,若一個網站有大量有價值的內容時,它就能獲得谷歌的的認可,進而取得一定的google seo排名。 如何創作話題 創作人們感興趣的話題是內容創作的關鍵前提,假如我們的產品是洗面乳,我要推銷我的產品時,我們就要從消費者的心態出發,幫他尋找一款洗面乳能解決他面臨的一些潔面問題。那內容創作就從消費者關於潔面會問哪些問題著手,可以寫一些科普知識,在適合的地方若隱若現的提及自己的產品的一些優點,也可以做一些產品測評的內容吸引讀者,因為貨比三家是消費者在購買前的必做的調研。我們只有真誠的以幫助消費者解決問題的同理心去創作內容才能引起消費者的共嗚,而且搜尋引擎也青睞科普問答知識,比較對比數據及分析類的內容。話題發掘參考Google排名靠前的網站,也可以參考谷歌推薦的相關搜索、下拉菜單以及People also ask。 關鍵詞嵌入 我們的話題雖然可能是一個句子,但是人們搜索的詞並非會是一個完整的句子,很多時候輸入幾個代表性的字眼就能找到想要的答案,那麼我們的關鍵詞就要謹慎的將人們可能會搜索的字眼或詞都盡可能的包含在標題及文章內,並且在文章中多次自然的出現為宜。每個話題都要有小標題引導,一篇文章以5-10個話題進而展開。關鍵詞出現次數以及文章字數可以以Google排名靠前的站為準。 其它推薦文章 文章裡或文章末尾,可以推薦人們還可能感興趣的話題,以內鏈形式嵌套,方便讀者點擊進入其它文章。這樣做能使網站的跳出率有效降低,也能友好的引導搜尋引擎通過鏈接進入其它頁面。



又到了年尾節日消費旺季!每年到了Holiday Shopping的季節,大小品牌都會推出節日購物優惠。消費者會到哪些平台尋找節日送禮新主意?他們對線上消費有什麽預期?YouFind為大家整理了10個Marketers一定要知道的節日線上消費數據: #1 -部分消費者早於11月便開始計劃自己的節日購物清單。 過半消費者會預早半個月到一個月計劃節日購物清單!品牌要把握11月到12月上旬的宣傳黃金期,在消費者開始有節日購買意欲時推銷產品。 #2 -逾7成本地消費者使用智能電話搜索節日產品資訊。 做節日宣傳時品牌亦應考慮消費者透過哪些渠道獲得產品資訊。除了Google或社交媒體廣告等網上宣傳外,品牌亦要確保自己的網站和宣傳電郵等採用Mobile-Friendly的設計,讓潛在顧客能輕鬆獲取產品資訊。 #3 -逾6成本地消費者透過YouTube和Facebook發現新產品。根據2020年6至7月的本地數據,64%受訪者於過去7日曾收看LIVE影片。 近年,越來越多品牌投放更多資源製作影片,LIVE購物已漸漸成爲香港消費者的新常態。有調查發現,相較文字資訊,72%消費者更喜歡透過影片了解產品。如果想了解更多製作及宣傳LIVE直播影片的策略,可以看看我們另一篇文章《2021直播購物3大攻略:如何有效提升直播銷量?》。 #4 – 76%消費者使用電子裝置購買節日產品;而接近一半受訪者更會使用智能電話購買產品。 隨著科技發展,消費者對網站使用體驗的預期亦越來越高。Google的研究發現,若網頁載入時間 (Page Load Time) 從1秒增加到3秒,網站訪客立即離開(Bounce)的機會率會提高32%;若增加到5秒,機會率更會提高90%! 換句話説,網頁載入時間越長,你就會流失越多潛在客戶!...


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想要做好外貿網站推廣,就需要在正式執行推廣計劃之前,確定好要推廣的渠道是哪些?這些渠道的特點都要掌握清楚!今天優易化將會圍繞“外貿網站如何做推廣?怎麼做好外貿網站推廣?做好外貿網站推廣的幾個要點!”等方面來給大家做一個講解。 了解外貿網站推廣的渠道及方式 通常外貿網站推廣的渠道及方式,從收費的角度來說有兩種,即收費和免費兩種方式!這兩種方式裏面也包含了線下和線上等兩種推廣模式,一起來看一下吧: 外貿網站線上推廣方式: 1、自助建站推廣(seo)也就是我們常說的SEO優化推廣,這種方式需要一定的時間積累,效果沒那麼快,但是費用低。 2、B2B推廣:通過在B2B平台發布產品信息;其中B2B平台有免費的也有收費的 3、搜索引擎SEM推廣,即付費推廣,這種方式效果好,但是燒錢! 4、行業網站推廣、社交媒體推廣、視頻營銷推廣等等,都屬於線上推廣方式,效果呢因產品的受眾不同有差異。 外貿網站線下推廣方式: 5、展會推廣:通過參加展會的形式,展示企業產品,吸引客戶達成交易。 還有一種主動營銷方式是線上線下相結合的,那就是主動營銷推廣(即線上發送營銷郵件,線下通過電話的形式來尋找目標客戶。)下面我們就來詳細了解下這幾種推廣方: 自主建站推廣(seo) 外貿企業通過建立自己的官方網站,通過SEO優化合理布局產品及企業關鍵詞,在搜索引擎中獲得好的排名,並給通過搜索引擎搜索結果進來的訪客展示企業的產品、文化、實力,讓海外有需求的用戶對您的產品感興趣,從而達成交易,轉化詢盤。 這種推廣方式可控度高,最好是通過與專業的外貿網站推廣公司進行合作,制定高效的落地方案,比如優易化這種擁有經驗豐富的海外營銷顧問團隊的企業。 外貿網站在B2B平台的推廣 通過在B2B平台上面,發布企業產品,實現推廣!常用的平台有阿裏巴巴、環球資源、百度愛采購、中國制造等!通過B2B平台推廣的缺點也很明顯,每個國家的B2B平台都是不一樣的,需要針對性地投入, 才能達到預期,不然就會出現投入巨大,而收效甚微的情況。 搜索引擎SEM推廣 SEM,是指通過付費的形式在搜索引擎投放廣告,從而獲得流量和詢盤,像google和YouTube、Facebook都有自己的廣告投放渠道。這種方式最大的優點就是見效果,但是缺點也很明顯就是資金投入大,這種形式是建立在已有外貿網站的基礎上的。 行業網站推廣...


谷歌SEO優化站外引流攻略 為您的外貿網站帶來更多的流量

外貿網站優化除了通過谷歌SEO排名优化獲取Google自然流量之外,另一個就是站外引流了!雖然在之前的《谷歌排名優化推廣指南:做好3個方面 排名一定好》一文中優易化有給大家提到過站內SEO優化和站外SEO優化,但講的只是站外引流的一部分,當然還有更多的方式和方法將我們的網站推廣出去,讓更多人看到和了解我們的產品及服務,那么究竟具體該怎么做呢?下面我們一起來看看優易化為大家精心准備的Google 谷歌SEO優化站外引流策略吧! 一、利用大型平台以及社交媒體給網站引流 比如Facebook、YouTube、instgram、snapchat等等大型的社交媒體平台,隨著各種社交媒體平台的興起,Google搜索引擎對社交媒體的平台結果展示以及社交媒體的權重也提升了很多,隨著搜索引擎的算法不斷更新迭代,展示的結果也越來越精准化了,換個方式說就是用戶體驗越來越好了,所以社交媒體的重要性不言而喻!在網站上面增加分享按鈕,將你的網站內容分享到大型的社交媒體平台能夠提升你的網站排名,引流的同時還能王你的網站排名在Google中迅速提升! 二、利用大型的問答平台來做口碑營銷 比如國外版的知乎Quora,我們可以在平台中找到一些和平拍相關的問題進行回複,回複的方式盡量凸顯專業性,給自己的品牌建立一個專業權威的品牌形象!或者在回複的過程中將涉及問題的網站內容貼在回複中,引導別人瀏覽你的網站!還可以自問自答的形式來創建相關問題,以及專業的回複。 三、在Facebook、YouTube、instgram、snapchat建立品牌專屬頻道 像Facebook、YouTube、instgram、snapchat都可以建立專屬的品牌頻道,用來發布和分享一些品牌相關的內容,樹立正面權威的品牌形象也是很重要的一個環節,通過企業專屬的社交媒體頻道,用戶可以很直觀的了解到我們的產品信息,同時也為網站提供流量。 反過來我們也可以在自己的網站上面引入一些像Facebook、YouTube、instgram、snapchat這些平台的信息內同,來增加網站內容的互動性,對網站的引流起到一個促進作用。 四、確保連接的質量,“以質量取勝”而不是“以量取勝” 在前面的兩個步驟中,都涉及到了外鏈發布,需要說明的是,我們只需要在大型平台留下高質量且具有可讀性的內容以及外鏈,引導用戶訪問瀏覽你的網站即可,而不是盲目性的亂發外鏈,垃圾外聯多了反而會影響你的網站權重!會適得其反。 以上就是優易化海外營銷專家為您提供的谷歌SEO优化站外引流策略,其實總結起來就是一句話:充分利用高權重的大型社交媒體平台,增加我們品牌的曝光率,推廣網站品牌及服務的同時給網站導流!


Welcome to the Age of YouTube: How to Rank Your YouTube Videos in 2021?

Website SEO has been a widely adopted online marketing strategy in recent years. However, SEO is not only available to...


BAIDU SEO一直不甘落後的姿態

Baidu這個搜索引擎工具能有這麼大市值和這麼響的聲望與它的SEO有著不同尋常的聯繫,換而言之,它們是相互影響,共贏互利的,baidu seo是形勢所趨,時代所需。 在競爭激烈的經濟轉型過程中,越處於風口浪尖的網站越是要努力創新,不斷優化自身機制,贏得最多的訪客,把握最多的流量,穩住最多的點擊率,這才能一直利於不敗之地。我們可以看到baidu seo就是在市場競爭中扮演了這樣一個積極的角色。百度的管理者和研究者,利用訪客流量的數據和外部鏈接情況作出相應的調整,運用專業的技術來規劃關鍵字,使得百度快照搜索排名一直靠前,保持優化的持續性。 由此,越來越多的商家願意投入更多的資金來參與,以更好地實現行銷目的,助你最快地創造出最大的經濟利益。誠然,baidu seo所做的努力不是我們看個人的消費習慣就能讀懂的,所有的綜合數據也非燈盞時間能了解。 事實永遠擺在眼前,大眾所趨就是最好的證明。Baidu seo永不停步!


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