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How to maintain the stability of Google SEO ranking?

SEOers who do google seo ranking optimization know that the update of Google’s search engine algorithm will also have a certain impact on our rankings, so what should Google SEO do to keep its rankings? If you need to make your website the first page of Google ranking, you need to do the following

Google SEO排名優化如何保持排名穩定性?趕緊收藏吧

Page Title > Description Optimization Guide

Web page title and description optimization is very important in Google ranking optimization, especially the web page title is not only an important element for users to quickly link to the content of the web page but also an important element for the Google search engine to judge the content of the web page, so the website title is very important, and it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable use of H tags when setting the web page title.

The full name of H tag is Heading tag, its function is to emphasize the title, highlight the importance of the title and the section title, H tag can be divided into 6 kinds, the importance of H1>H2>H3> H4>H5> H6, the use of H tag can make the web content more hierarchical, out can highlight the theme of the web page, but also facilitate the Google search engine to judge the web content theme faster.

When using H tags, we can naturally insert the keywords that need to be optimized into the H tags, Google search engine algorithm can perform semantic analysis of the title, when the web page is crawled by the search engine and added to the index database, when the user searches for related keywords, the search engine will calculate and analyze the web page content in the index database, if your web content is highly related to the keywords searched by the user, then you will have the opportunity to get a good ranking!

In order to get a good ranking, in addition to the layout of the page title, you must also optimize the Mate Dscription tag! Because Title and Description can directly affect the ranking, usually when we use the search engine, we will find that the words we are searching for will be displayed in red on the results page, which is more convenient for users to intuitively see the relevance of each ranking result page and the keywords they want to search, and selectively click to view! Therefore, when we lay out the web page Description, we need to lay out the keywords into the Description reasonably, but don’t add them bluntly!


Web content optimization

Many SEOers are aware of the importance of website content for Google ranking optimization, and it is not easy to support the continuous production of high-quality content, although the Google search algorithm is constantly updated and iterative, and today it is not only the keyword or content quality to calculate and present search results, but more and more intelligent, and there are more and more factors to consider, such as user experience, etc.!

Therefore, when we create website content, we can not only narrow the scope to SEO keywords, but also need to create website content more comprehensively around SEO keywords, which enriches the web content and provides valuable content for more users, which is in line with the original intention of the search engine. When updating high-quality original content, we try to fix the update frequency, which is more conducive to our Google ranking optimization work, and the search engine will give more weight and ranking.

Website link optimization

If you want to do a good job in Google ranking optimization, link optimization is an indispensable part, website link optimization is divided into two aspects: on-site optimization and off-site optimization! In addition to these two, there are friendly links, and link optimization will directly affect the ranking results of the website in search engines.

It should be noted that when optimizing the internal links of the website, you need to pay attention to the relevance of the linked pages and anchor text keywords, and the anchor text links to the pages with high relevance can improve the authority of the website content, and can effectively guide Google to crawl your website, and can also improve the weight of some pages and improve their ranking in the Google search engine!

When optimizing external links, we need to pay attention to the quantity and quality of external links. For example, when doing external links, we need to publish on a formal and authoritative platform, such an anchor text, text, and hyperlink external link is a normal and healthy external link, and when the number reaches a certain level, it will cause qualitative changes, which can effectively promote the improvement of the website’s keyword ranking.

Website speed optimization

The speed of the website can directly affect the ranking of keywords in the search engine, statistics show that if the website loads faster than 3 seconds, it will lose nearly 40% of the traffic, because the user’s patience is limited, and the website loading speed is the top priority. The best access time should be controlled within 3 seconds on the pC side and within 2 seconds on the mobile phone, only when such requirements are met, we can be sure that the traffic of the website will not be lost due to the speed of website access.

What can we do to improve the speed of website visits?

1. Compress the code of the web page

2. CSS and JS code are streamlined and merged

3. Compress website images

4. CDN acceleration for website images, CSS, and JS

5. Go directly to query and make corresponding optimizations according to the suggestions given by Google.

Strengthen website security

A long time ago, Google made it clear that the use of SSL certificate for websites will be prioritized to users, which shows that Google attaches great importance to the user experience of websites.

Google has long made it clear that under the same conditions, Google will give priority to the display of HTTPS sites in search results, which shows that Google attaches great importance to the security of the websites visited by users, because SSL ensures that visitors and websites remain private, and httpS helps to establish secure communication between the server and the user’s browser!

After installing the SSL certificate, there will be an extra “S” after the http in the address bar of the website, and there will be a green security lock logo. With this logo, users can also browse with confidence, and it can also increase the credibility of the website in the minds of users.

Site map updated

Keep up with the new site map or take the initiative to push the latest content of the website to the search engine to attract spiders to crawl! This is also a must to maintain and stabilize the website’s existing keyword rankings.

Google SEO ranking optimization is a process that needs to be continuously accumulated, not achieved overnight! No matter how the algorithm of Google search engine changes, its essence will not change, that is, to provide users with high-quality information retrieval services, and high-quality content! High-quality content is always the core, we must not only persistently create high-quality content, but also continuously improve the user experience of the website! Only in this way can we maintain the Google SEO keyword ranking for a long time!

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