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Understanding ZMOT: The Zero Moment of Truth in Consumer Decision Making

ZMOT, or Zero Moment of Truth, is a term coined by Google to describe the crucial moment when a consumer…

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What is SEO optimization? Knowing about Google can make more people find you!

The main factors that affect the SEO of a website Many people think that the selling point of SEO is ranking, and…

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Active marketing is the key to foreign trade enterprise brands going overseas

In recent years, with the development of the mobile Internet, Internet consumers are getting younger and younger, the situation of…

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The promising significance of Google seo development

Only when the website is continuously optimized and innovated to ensure more and wider hot keywords can it bring more…

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How to do Baidu SEO? What are the tips?

Baidu as the largest Chinese search engine, Baidu SEO is very important. Baidu SEO optimization is to make the website…

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How to do SEO promotion work

Nearly 80% of the traffic to every website comes from search engine websites, so if you want to increase your…

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Try to see Yahoo SEO become the new focus

Yahoo seo is of course also imperative. For this once well-capitalized Internet company, we might as well look at it…

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每10個消費者便有9個會使用智能手機的語音助手;41%的人更表示每天都使用此功能   根據聲譽管理和本地SEO供應商Chatmeter的最新調查和報告顯示,九成的智能手機用家有使用虛擬助手的習慣。         四成人會查看當地資訊           調查亦發現,大約四成消費者會「用語音搜尋查看路線、地址或營業時間」,而27%的人表示「語音系統的主要用途是尋找餐廳、商店或公司。」          用流動裝置搜尋當地資訊非常普遍。以Google昨天的電話會議為例,總裁Sundar Pichai說:「本地的流動搜尋比整體的流動搜尋更快速地增長,單以去年為計,已增長接近五成。」 …

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