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Google will no longer include PC websites that are not mobile-friendly

If you want to do a good job in google seo optimization, in addition to paying attention to SEO optimization skills, you also need to pay attention to user experience! Seoers who pay attention to Google’s official information should know that Google has previously released some websites such as “responsive websites will be prioritized”, “websites that will be prioritized for https protocol” and so on!


In particular, Google recently announced: “From March 2021, if the web page is only compatible with the PC side, the content will be completely ignored, and all the content of the website must be available on the mobile side, including data, graphics, videos, information, etc.” This shows the importance of mobile adaptation! There is another major premise for doing Google SEO, that is, your site must have a responsive architecture and adapt to mobile devices.

Why is it so important to adapt to the mobile terminal of the PC website

響應式網站能夠提供更好的用戶體驗,更利於Google SEO

Mobile adaptation, also known as adaptive, also known as responsive, can be compatible with PC, mobile phone, tablet and other different ports at the same time, to avoid the embarrassment of garbled characters or unable to open web pages, so as to improve the user experience. Improving the user experience has always been Google’s core purpose.

As early as August 2018, Google explicitly advocated the use of adaptive technology in web page creation, and gave the following 6 reasons!

1. Page uniqueness, unified management of PC and mobile terminals

2. Reduce loading time and improve user experience

3. Reduce potential risks that may affect the performance of mobile pages

4. The same content, PC and mobile do not need to be maintained separately

5. Adaptive web pages are more conducive to Google’s creation of page index attributes

6. Responsive web pages are more conducive to Google’s inclusion and crawling of website contentThe advantages of responsive web design for responsive web design has been a major trend, even before Mashable (one of the most visited blogs in the world) declared 2013 the year of responsive web design. Combine that with the increased use of mobile devices across all screen sizes, and it’s easy to see why the internet doesn’t stop talking about responsiveness.

Advantages of a responsive (responsive) website:

1. It can accelerate the saving of time and improve the user-friendliness

2. The matching of equipment is better, and each equipment can get the correct design

3. Better compatibility, reducing the risk of future invisibility

4. It’s more Google-friendly


Google is more focused on the privacy of its users

An SSL layer, abbreviated: httpS, is added under HTTP. He can protect the information security of the website to a certain extent. The SSL certificate establishes a high-strength encrypted information transmission link between the server and the visitor, just like a separation wall on both sides of the high-speed rail track, to ensure that the uplink and downlink information will not be stolen and tampered with.

As of July 2018, Chrome will only have HTTP sites in the address bar, marking them as “not secure” sites. This means that Google is more strict in terms of website security and privacy encryption, which can be said to be another step for Google Chrome to open a website for HTTP websites!

Installing an SSL certificate has two major advantages for Google

1) SSL certificate to protect Google Ads accounts

For web security, it is recommended that you use URLs that start with HTTPS for ad landing pages, and for customers who do not have an SSL certificate installed, there may be a risk of disapproval for serving ads. As early as 2018, Google Ads also recommended that all URLs must replace HTTP with HTTPS protocol to protect customers’ property security and personal privacy.

(2) Installing an SSL certificate is conducive to Google inclusion

In addition, Google has made it clear that it strongly advocates website security, and the website will be more popular with search engines if it uses SSL certificates. For HTTPS websites, priority will be given to inclusion and ranking.

It can be seen that in the process of Google SEO optimization, in addition to focusing on SEO optimization skills, we should also pay attention to user experience and user privacy!

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