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Achieving “measurement” in the field of digital marketing requires a new digital strategy model. As a strategist, I have developed digital strategies for many large and medium-sized companies, and with years of teaching and consulting experience, I have integrated a new “Digital Strategy Model” to visualize the concept of digital marketing, cover its characteristics, and …

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“Ever-changing” is an old term, but it is apt to describe the latest information technology. Millennials, electronics have disrupted the way people live: ‧From the previous “TV sauce rice” to today’s “never leave the machine”; ‧From the long journey to the famous store to search for favorites, now with just one finger, you can sit …

What is digital marketing (1) The importance and power of digital promotion Read More »

Hong Kong has one of the highest internet penetration rates in the world, and people’s consumption patterns have shifted from going to physical stores to online mail ordering. There has also been a change in the way consumers obtain product information, from the initial mass media such as television, newspapers and magazines, to the online …

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