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What is Digital Marketing?

The importance and power of Digital Marketing

Things are changing every second in Information Technology Industry. In 21st century, the enhanced digital products have created a brand-new living style.

In the past, people tend to enjoy watching TV while they are having meals. For now, mobile phone has entirely replaced TV and can do even more.

People used to go to shops far away to get what they need but as time changed, most people tends to purchase in E-shops instead as it is much more convenient and saves lots of time.

Most consumers are so into this colorful online universe. And this has led to an enormous change in previous marketing environment. Nowadays, fewer and fewer people are shopping in person which has caused a gradual drop for offline shops. TV Ads are also out of time for the recent years as they are not supposed to reach a range of the target audiences. Smart marketers should have sensed the traditional Ads and medias have been a spent force. In this circumstance, what they need to do is to improve the existing situation is to find out a way. As a matter of fact, online marketing, one of the approaches of Digital Marketing, has been quite an obvious life-saving straw for them and it also seems to be the best for now.

So, what is Digital Marketing? You can say it is a combination of Information Technology and Internet, which aim to get a better promotion purpose.

Due to the surging technology enhancement, Digital Marketing is no longer limited to computer. It is also applied in smart phones, tablets and some other platforms. This has greatly solve the problem of limitation of location, time, cost and other factors.

#1.1 The importance and power of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is being more and more universal in the world. It has been commonly used through the whole hierarchy in every company which definitely shows its effectiveness.

According to data from Audit Commission, there is a steady growth in resources that was put in Digital and Media promotion areas. It is estimated till 2017, the annual increment has reached over 30% when compared with 2015, which presents a much faster pace to traditional marketing channels. Same situation happens in US. From data of U.S. Commerce Department, from second quarter of 2013 to same period of 2015, increment of Ecommerce has far beyond physical shops. What’s more, sales amount of latest Thanksgiving faced a drop unexpectedly.

Shopping online has no longer been a privilege for young people. As a matter of fact, over a half of users aged 45-64 have attempted to purchase online and even for users over 65, it is estimate over 48% of them have attempted to purchase online. Once you begin your Ecommerce, it is also a symbol that your products and services are facing the whole world. All users in the Internet may be your potential client through your website or E-shop.

# Personal Sharing

I would like to share my personal experience. As a father of three children, I would like to purchase health products for them to keep them healthy. Actually, there is a list for all the supplements and Organic products sorted out. Given most of the products are not available in HK, I have to find them on one of the E-shops from U.S. district. As time goes by, my own experience shows that this E-shop is very competitive among the industry as it has a wide coverage of products users may need and its pricing strategy is also very competitive. Besides, transportation has been efficient and fees are so reasonable (HKD 40 for each order).

Digital Marketing is always with a great impact on all industries. Even you have earned an Exclusive title for a brand in Hong Kong, users may still purchase online on other market. At the same time, we can see the rise of a new business model built up by Uber and Airbnb. These creative models are all accelerating Ecommerce to enter our life. The Eco-system in the entire industry is changing, if you want to keep the competitiveness of the brand, to study user’s behaviors and customize your own strategy is a must.

Plenty of professional term may ring a bell when talked about Digital Marketing. Most frequently, we can see: Search Engine Marketing (short for SEM), Search Engine Optimization (short for SEO), Social Media Optimization (short for SMO) and all related Analytics. These complex terms and concepts are becoming more and more important if you want to beyond your competitors and become a winner. So you’d better study and make good use of them.

Beside what we mentioned above, Digital Marketing itself, is also changing day by day and has outstretched some related strategies, such as: Search Marketing, Display Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing. All of them have different target audiences and can help on your business on different aspects. You may ask why and the reason is simple: all these marketing strategies are based on data of user’s behaviors. It’s the best way to provide what user might need by knowing their behaviors. It’s not an exaggeration that your business will be eliminated if you cannot catch up with the change of the market.

#1.2 Difficulty of Digital Marketing: Master of measurement

Marketing Giant Peter Drucker has ever said: If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

In the past, marketers used to wait for 1-2 weeks for a better understanding for the result of their marketing strategy. For now, instead, marketers can evaluate the results almost simultaneously as they can get instant data from digital tools. This proves how valuable data is and furthermore, the question is how to change data to business?

Marketers are supposed to find out users purchasing behavior and set up Digital Marketing Strategies accordingly. It is not a certainty the same pattern of strategy can suit different products and industries.

The key to success is to sort out the pattern and amend strategies timely due to plenty of factors reflected from data.

A brand new Digital Marketing Model may help you to enhance your competitiveness. It is also a compulsory measurement for your business.

As a Digital Marketing Planner/Strategist, there are so many Digital Strategies have been proposed to enterprises and mid-level companies. All those strategies are developed through the experiences and knowledges for the past years. Till now, they have helped on the companies we are cooperating, on catering targeted audience expanding their market and enhance users’ experience to the Ecommerce site.

I would like to take it as a metaphor: a Marketing Strategy is like a guiding star, which provides a clear direction for marketers and the company and lead them to the final destination. It is also an arsenal, whenever you need a weapon, you will always be able to find a suitable one in it to win the battle.

#1.3 Combination of Technical approaches and Operation

1)In the first interaction with the user, could the existing content solve their problem or satisfy their needs. Or is it special enough throughout all similar contents from your competitors?

2)Are you prepared to face to negative comments of your brand?

3)Once any PR Blunder happens unexpectedly, would there be any instant approach you can take to solve it so that you can maintain a good relationship with the users?

Professional markers should have a full picture of the marketing plan so that they can properly distribute the resources and budget to both Online and Offline aspects. For Start-ups and Non-Profit Organizations, it would be very helpful if they can make good use of Digital Marketing so that they may expand their TAs and markets.

As most of us know, Digital Marketing’s coverage is far beyond Traditional one. Of course we are not talking about Traditional Marketing Strategies are to be get rid of. Instead, we would rather say Traditional Marketing concepts are to be turned into Digital Marketing. Every Digital Marketing plan for a specific company is so how based on their Traditional Marketing purpose. The point is digital ones can achieve much more in this era.

# Case sharing: Timing and accuracy matter in Digital Marketing

Last Oct, an aesthetic medicine brand decided to launch an online advertising. They found two celebrities: Louis Yuen and Michelle Lo to act as twins. Two twins are treated very differently, which lead to a tremendous contrast for their external experience of skin. Through this angle, this brand wants to show the importance of skin care. Once the advertising is launched, voices and Social Mentions for both the brand and the 2 celebrities have greatly increased. Aside from the surging views to the advertising, the Facebook like amount of the brand also boosted for 10% due to the hot topic.

As a matter of fact, Louis Yuen and Michelle Lo has ever acted as twins before in a show in 2010. This aesthetic brand grabbed the opportunity and re-heated this topic successfully so that more users know their brand by this topic. Of course, the “twins topic” can also be adopted by other brands when it is still upsruging.

Hot topics are created every day. Whether they can bring in benefit to your own brand depends on how marketers use it. In 2016, one of the classical music “Mariage d’amour” from Mozart are matched with a single lyric “chicken, all of them are chicken”. Lots of ideas are linked up to this song from various industries’ marketers. In another case, there was a tutorial teacher showing a thank your message in WhatsApp on his Facebook, he claims the message was sent by his student. But soon, netizens doubts on the reality of the message. At the same time, plenty of marketers realized that this approach can make voice and social mentions. They just do the similar thing to attract more user to know their brand.

I suppose most markets know the importance of instant response in Digital Marketing, there ae still many factors that might not allow the posts in their brand Facebook to meet the “instant” criteria. We can think in this way, from the time we find out a topic, it takes 1-2 days for how to use it properly and design the post contents, some of the companies might also need to pass the hierarchy approval of the post, which should also take 1-2 day. Once it gets approved, the topic is not long heat anymore.

From the assumption above, we may see in this new era, Timing and Accuracy is so critical that it is directly link up to whether the plan can be successful or not.

#1.4 Three keywords in Digital Marketing

1.Relationship Marketing

There are three different modes of linkage in Digital Marketing: Financial Bonding, Social Bonding and Structural Bonding. The last Bonding will be the most practical way, let me explain more below:

1)Financial Bonding:

Financial Bonding mostly depend on the price and there is very few consideration paid in the quality and brand. We’ll take Ctrip as an example, it contains all kind of flight companies’ schedule. Most users can easily choose the lowest price ticket on it. This is what is called Financial Bonding.

2)Social Bonding

Not only focus on price, but also tend to rely on a certain brand. Given quality are the same, users still tend to focus on price. We’ll also take an example here. A Company is my frequent purchase company with reasonable price. But I found B Company is with a more attractive price. I will purchase in B Company this time but I will still consider to purchase in A Company in priority next time as I know the staff there and we always have some nice talks when I am finishing the payment.

3)Structural Bonding

Compared with the two bonding above, Structural Bonding is so different that users can not reject to choose you. For this part, we would like to take Apple as an example, getting an Iphone is so easy because Steve Jobs tells you Iphone can read out your email now. Later on Steve says you watch does not need to rely on your phone to get message, SIM card could be inserted to your watch. Then you become a big fan of Apple, expecting their latest product every moment. Maybe you think of to quit its product somehow, but you just can’t because you are linked with it and you can’t guarantee you can fit other product again.


This part will contain four aspects: Product Personalization, Website Personalization, Email Personalization and Communication Personalization.

1)Product Personalization

Amazon is one of the biggest shopping website in US. After you search the books you want in the website, Amazon will remember your preference recommend thing that might interest you. More data you have ever searched, more accurate the recommendation will be.

2)Website Personalization

Have you ever think of this question, every one launched a website, they are seeing the exact same standard page. What if the website can know every time the user gets in, they tend to enlarge the wordings so that they can read the contents and next time he visit the website, the website can automatically enlarge the wordings to convenience the user.

3)Email Personalization

Promotional emails are so command in all industries, but have you ever checked whether the recipient’s name are correct or not or these email are read or not?

4)Communication Personalization

To customize every communication makes the users know they are respected and increase the possibility of success. To send them the content they need at a reasonable frequency can gradually build up their awareness to your brand.

E-CRM Strategy can be developed by customizations factors mentioned above, choice assistant will be very helpful at this stage. A choice assistance is a tool to narrow down what you need. In other words, it is trying to help you to find specific TAs.

Besides E-CRM Strategy, GA could be a very powerful weapon in customization.

No matter in what kind of social communication tools, customization is supposed to be the best way to get to users. When we are using EDM, it is only an anonymous letter to a user. We have entirely no idea who the user is, their preference, behavior or age. But once you can get more information or assumption what the user may like or what’s their age, thing can be really different.

Google Analytics, known as GA, have been widely used in Digital Marketing field. By installing this tool and study the data of your website, you know better what the users are reading in your website, what their preference are and which pages they barely read.

QR code is widely used for the recent years for joining some campaigns. People can easily access to corresponding page by scanning QR code. Of course, people don’t mind to scan the code to enter the website, but without GA, data can not be collected. It’s true that we might be able to evaluate the result of the campaign manually. But GA can collect the data, the result can be seen more accurate and faster.

3.Online Advertising Checking

1)Bounce right after click through

You might find some user tend to stay only on the page after they click through the Ad, other may go to a second page and some may go further. If most users only stay in the page right after they click through, that means there must be something wrong about the brand or about the content of the Ad.

2)Bounce At Payment Stage

This is a very important stage. You might see users download payment sheet, but eventually, they do not proceed the payment. All the payments that are not done might due to certain factors, which does not fit users’ behavior.

For some application form, you might have already gain some information of the user, like email address or phone number. Email can be sent to encourage to finish the payment and find out whether there is any question regarding the payment system.

There are so many important points and tips mentioned above for digital marketing. To conclude, to begin optimization of your website, you will need to install GA, find your TAs. You may both post your Ads to let users see your brand or you may also send out EDMs to get their attentions. Last but not least, once you got them, personalize the approaches to don’t let them go.

Wish you achieve your goal successfully by digital marketing approaches!


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繼電動車日漸普及,相信下一個汽車業的破壞性創新(disruptive innovation) 的浪潮必定是無人駕駛的汽車。單是最近, Uber 在美國開始測試無人駕駛的的士服務,並邀請 1000 名市民來體驗這服務,據說民眾的反應讚譽居多,我相信這只是無人駕駛普及化的前哨戰! 很多人都有個誤解,以為「無人駕駛」的優勢,僅在於電腦取代了司機的位置,這就大大忽略了這浪潮的威力了!無人駕駛的汽車,其實是一台具有人工智能的移動電腦,結合了地圖、app、無線網絡、攝錄機、全球定位、感應器等於一身。早前有研究指出,一輛無人駕駛的汽車,在路上行駛時每秒就製造出1 GB的數據,除了像是「行駛記錄儀」外,也包括記錄路上的情況、汽車內部零件狀況等,實在是一台「大數據」(big data) 機器,而「大數據」的分析與應用,定必又是兵家必爭之地。 最顯然而見的應用,在於智能駕駛:在路上行駛,無人駕駛的汽車可以透過互聯網連繫起來,運用位置、行駛速度、目的地的大數據,能夠實時計算未來的交通情況,預測塞車的位置,並且藉此按著最省時間、最順暢的路徑駕駛到目的地。在人手駕駛未必完全取締的年代,電腦可以分析司機的駕駛「大數據」,就駕駛習慣、路徑提出建議。 在市場推廣上,這是一個「藍海」(blue ocean),不論是我們平日去什麼地方、逗留多久,又或是喜歡用什麼路徑去、獨自去還是一家人去,這全是「大數據」,在無人駕駛的年代,商戶藉着分析這些客戶資料(customer profile),可以提供更個人化、人性化的推廣。例如你最近經常一家人去沙灘,你的車藉着分析你的習慣,可以聰明地向你建議沿途售賣水上運動用品的商店,又或是前往該沙灘的人常會去的餐廳。 在城市的層面上,無人駕駛將提升車輛、以及道路使用的效率:無人駕駛的汽車以車隊方式前進(有別於真人駕駛的車需要保持安全距離),代表着道路的效率大大提升,道路、泊車的空間可以更為集中,有些空間可以騰出作其他用途,可想而知,不單是改善了交通和生活,而且城市的面貌也必隨之改變。  


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網路上五花八門的偽原創文章工具多不勝數,這些工具都無疑是通過利用近義詞替換的原理把一篇文章裡能替換的詞替換掉生成一篇偽原創文章,這算是一種取巧手法去創作內容,能大大節省原創內容創作所需的人工成本,它常用于網站更新的需求。但是偽原創內容的來源畢竟不是原汁源味的題材,它好比一部電視劇被翻拍過一樣,是很難超越原版原著給人留下的的經典印象。 原創內容還是要實打實的用心去創作才能吸引真正的訪問者,才能引起搜尋引擎的重視,當你創作的內容真實可靠有可讀性時或是能解答人們想要瞭解的知識時,Google也會認為你的內容是有價值的內容,若一個網站有大量有價值的內容時,它就能獲得谷歌的的認可,進而取得一定的google seo排名。 如何創作話題 創作人們感興趣的話題是內容創作的關鍵前提,假如我們的產品是洗面乳,我要推銷我的產品時,我們就要從消費者的心態出發,幫他尋找一款洗面乳能解決他面臨的一些潔面問題。那內容創作就從消費者關於潔面會問哪些問題著手,可以寫一些科普知識,在適合的地方若隱若現的提及自己的產品的一些優點,也可以做一些產品測評的內容吸引讀者,因為貨比三家是消費者在購買前的必做的調研。我們只有真誠的以幫助消費者解決問題的同理心去創作內容才能引起消費者的共嗚,而且搜尋引擎也青睞科普問答知識,比較對比數據及分析類的內容。話題發掘參考Google排名靠前的網站,也可以參考谷歌推薦的相關搜索、下拉菜單以及People also ask。 關鍵詞嵌入 我們的話題雖然可能是一個句子,但是人們搜索的詞並非會是一個完整的句子,很多時候輸入幾個代表性的字眼就能找到想要的答案,那麼我們的關鍵詞就要謹慎的將人們可能會搜索的字眼或詞都盡可能的包含在標題及文章內,並且在文章中多次自然的出現為宜。每個話題都要有小標題引導,一篇文章以5-10個話題進而展開。關鍵詞出現次數以及文章字數可以以Google排名靠前的站為準。 其它推薦文章 文章裡或文章末尾,可以推薦人們還可能感興趣的話題,以內鏈形式嵌套,方便讀者點擊進入其它文章。這樣做能使網站的跳出率有效降低,也能友好的引導搜尋引擎通過鏈接進入其它頁面。



又到了年尾節日消費旺季!每年到了Holiday Shopping的季節,大小品牌都會推出節日購物優惠。消費者會到哪些平台尋找節日送禮新主意?他們對線上消費有什麽預期?YouFind為大家整理了10個Marketers一定要知道的節日線上消費數據: #1 -部分消費者早於11月便開始計劃自己的節日購物清單。 過半消費者會預早半個月到一個月計劃節日購物清單!品牌要把握11月到12月上旬的宣傳黃金期,在消費者開始有節日購買意欲時推銷產品。 #2 -逾7成本地消費者使用智能電話搜索節日產品資訊。 做節日宣傳時品牌亦應考慮消費者透過哪些渠道獲得產品資訊。除了Google或社交媒體廣告等網上宣傳外,品牌亦要確保自己的網站和宣傳電郵等採用Mobile-Friendly的設計,讓潛在顧客能輕鬆獲取產品資訊。 #3 -逾6成本地消費者透過YouTube和Facebook發現新產品。根據2020年6至7月的本地數據,64%受訪者於過去7日曾收看LIVE影片。 近年,越來越多品牌投放更多資源製作影片,LIVE購物已漸漸成爲香港消費者的新常態。有調查發現,相較文字資訊,72%消費者更喜歡透過影片了解產品。如果想了解更多製作及宣傳LIVE直播影片的策略,可以看看我們另一篇文章《2021直播購物3大攻略:如何有效提升直播銷量?》。 #4 – 76%消費者使用電子裝置購買節日產品;而接近一半受訪者更會使用智能電話購買產品。 隨著科技發展,消費者對網站使用體驗的預期亦越來越高。Google的研究發現,若網頁載入時間 (Page Load Time) 從1秒增加到3秒,網站訪客立即離開(Bounce)的機會率會提高32%;若增加到5秒,機會率更會提高90%! 換句話説,網頁載入時間越長,你就會流失越多潛在客戶!...


Data Is Power – Why Customer Data Platform (CDP) Is Instrumental To Modern Day Business Success

Consumers today are interacting with businesses in a truly omni-channel way. They are visiting your website, liking or disliking your...


Binging on Netflix? How Netflix’s Personalization Strategies Keep You Watching

Boasting its 209 million global subscribers (as of 2021 Q2), Netflix is no doubt the most popular video streaming platform....



Netflix全球擁有2.09億用戶 (截至2021年第二季度),是當之無愧的至hit影片串流平台。其主要收入來源是用戶的訂閲費用,所以持續推送用戶感興趣的作品以提高用戶黏著度 (user retention),便成爲Netflix最重要的目標。要做到這點,Netflix必須給予用戶高度個人化的影片觀看體驗。對此,Netflix曾說:「Netflix並不是一件產品,而是億萬個為每一位用戶度身訂造的產品。」(“Personalization … enables us to not have just one Netflix product but hundreds of millions of products:...


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疫情下不少品牌都明白go digital數碼化的重要性,但即使您已投放資源開開拓online市場,亦不等於成功開辟網上。而關鍵正正由於您的生意並沒真正享受big data帶來的最大優勢-marketing automation。事實上借鏡近期不少大型連鎖品牌推出loyalty programmes等的銷售手法,這正正是切合本地消費者心態的一項重要行銷策略,想知道這如何幫助您的生意,賺取短期以至長線盈利?立即WhatsApp 我們的專業顧問傾下,我哋會好快送上引用大數據進行的最新市場調查!  


試看看Yahoo SEO成新的焦點

Yahoo seo當然也是勢在必行的。對於這個曾經市值響噹噹的網路公司,我們不妨客觀地來審視它。Yahoo搜索引擎一直注重高質量的,原創性的,專業化的,具備特殊性和意義的網路內容,對於抄襲作弊的網頁更會予以非常嚴厲的把關和懲處。在這點上,其他網站相對就稍遜一籌了。所有,它對於媒體的意義是很有影響力的。因而,具有很好的商業嗅覺的股神巴菲特才對Yahoo有著買斷的意向。那麼,雅虎搜索引擎工具是否能順應形勢,逆流而上呢? Seo注重的是主動的態度,yahoo 不是不願意主動,而是它自身對真實性的考究,對經濟廣告的投入偏少就限制了它難以拓展網站內容的豐富多彩,難以在繁華世界裏脫穎而出。性格決定命運,Yahoo seo 面臨著特別嚴峻的形式考驗,出路所在,亟待解決。巴菲特參與yahoo的收購財團,讓世界人民對它有著焦點關注,期待它主動出擊,不負眾望。


谷歌網絡推廣四大優勢 做好這些品牌出海不再是難題

在當今的互聯網大趨勢下,外國客戶尋找信息一般都會使用搜索引擎Google,人們也習慣通過搜索引擎尋找所需信息,通過Google我們可以挖掘大量的潛在用戶,是外貿不可或缺的高效高價值的海外營銷推廣的渠道。當你的同行都在做谷歌網絡推廣的時候,如果你還沒有開始,那麼意味著在谷歌這個渠道上同行已經超越你。 因此,外貿企業要做的就是努力將自己的企業和產品展現在互聯網上,讓更多的潛在客戶可以看到、找到。在這個互聯網的時代,企業顯得那麼渺小,如今“酒香也怕巷子深”,不做推廣就好比閉門造車,再好的產品,再高深的技術也仍無人問津。如今谷歌已經成為越來越多出口企業海外推廣的重要選擇,海外推廣的平台如此之多,為什麼谷歌網絡推廣備受青睞? 優勢一:流量龐大,展示面廣 Google是目前全球最大的搜索引擎,所包含的用戶覆蓋全球,可以有效的進行產品推廣,獲得高額的回報。Google擁有全球200多優質的投放平台,超過100萬合作夥伴,廣告可以精准的展現在各個國家和地區,幫你開拓海量的海外用戶和挖掘潛在客戶。 Google谷歌廣告資源: Google關鍵字廣告 Google關鍵字廣告也稱為Google AdWords推廣,直接通過Google搜索引擎查找相關關鍵詞即可搜索到投放的廣告,為你的產品直接進行曝光,獲得高額的轉化效果。 YouTube廣告 YouTube是Google旗下UGC視頻網站,目前也是全球最大的UGC視頻網站,非常受廣大用戶的喜愛,目前YouTube廣告分別是圖片廣告、圖文廣告以及視頻貼片廣告,具有超高性比價投放效果。 Gmail廣告 Gmail是Google旗下郵件產品,Gmail廣告可以直接通過郵件的收件箱頂部為用戶直接展示的互動式廣告,在廣告中包含圖片、視頻或嵌入式表單,擁有個性的格式與潛在客戶建立聯系。 Google shopping廣告 Google shopping是Google旗下購物廣告,讓用戶在點擊您的廣告之前即可獲得詳細的產品信息,有助於推廣您的產品。購物廣告會向用戶展示您產品的照片、名稱、價格,以及商店名稱等信息。 Google移動廣告 Google移動廣告是在移動設備(手機和平板電腦)網頁和應用上進行展示的AdWords 廣告,包括來電專用廣告和應用宣傳廣告,直接通過智能設備向用戶展示,獲得更高效的廣告展示效果。 Google...



擁有專業的互聯網分析軟件,只不過是對於互聯網出現異常的多種情況還是缺乏認識。要知道網絡分析可不是只依賴某個軟件就可以輕鬆完成的,通常要包含快速查找和排除網絡故障的基本工作,當然找到網絡的問題所在並能提高網絡性能也是網絡分析必不可少的一個部分。 在發現互聯網問題的同時還應該具備解決這種問題的能力,這樣才能提高互聯網安全性,所以我們在這裏比較提倡軟件和分析師結合的網絡分析。其實網絡是一個很虛幻的東西,其中的數據傳輸我們是無法用肉眼看到的,而且通常網絡出現癱瘓或者崩潰現象也並不是在短時間內就造成的,通常都是長時間的網絡安全隱患在瞬間爆發引起的不良後果。 所以這就需要通過軟件記錄各種數據的記錄,並由網絡分析師對這些數據進行精細化的分析,才能保證互聯網的安全以及穩定。


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