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Overseas social media online word-of-mouth marketing promotion Why has Snapchat become the new favorite of advertisers?

Snapchat is a social media platform derived from camera applications, which is widely popular among young people because of its cool function of “burning after reading”, and has become one of the most active leaders among many foreign social media platforms. With the advent of the global mobile Internet era, many foreign trade companies are actively exploring how to expand overseas markets and increase brand exposure overseas, and Snapchat has a large number of young user groups, which has undoubtedly become a key chess for many foreign trade enterprises to win in overseas markets in the process of online word-of-mouth…

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2020 Brand Overseas Marketing Strategy These 5 points of overseas media marketing are very important

In 2020, as the coverage of “Internet +” is becoming more and more extensive, social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular, for foreign trade enterprises, social media marketing is one of the important channels for overseas network promotion, especially in 2020, which is affected by the epidemic in the bleak situation of offline physical business, social media marketing has gradually become the mainstream channel of enterprise marketing in various industries. However, it is not easy to carry out social media marketing, and enterprises need to develop a social media marketing strategy and operate their social accounts in a planned and…

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The digital transformation of traditional foreign trade does a good job in these three points, and customer orders do not have to worry

Affected by the epidemic, the offline marketing activities of foreign trade enterprises have been generally affected, and the opportunities for face-to-face communication with customers have been greatly reduced. When foreign trade enterprises are faced with the dilemma of order cancellation, a large loss of overseas customers, and the suspension of offline exhibitions, some companies seize the opportunity and respond quickly to quickly transform their business from offline to online digitalization, win business opportunities for themselves, and grow against the trend. In the same epidemic period, why are companies that have deployed digital marketing methods in advance almost unaffected, and even…

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6 key points for foreign trade enterprise brands to go overseas to establish an independent site

In the process of foreign trade enterprise brand going to sea, the establishment of overseas independent sites is an indispensable link, on the one hand, foreign trade enterprises can display products through the enterprise site, on the other hand, they can also accept customer inquiries, so more and more foreign trade enterprises realize the importance of establishing an independent site of enterprises, to create an excellent foreign trade enterprise site, can attract more customers, so that more customers can find your products. Foreign trade enterprise brand going overseas – 6 key points to establish an independent site How to build…

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Under the epidemic, how can foreign trade enterprises save themselves through online marketing?

Under the epidemic, the foreign trade industry has suffered severe challenges, and many small and medium-sized enterprises are even facing the risk of bankruptcy, in order to seek breakthroughs, such as doing foreign trade website promotion and carrying out online marketing services is the current urgency of every foreign trade enterprise. With the spread of the epidemic, it has become a trend for various industries to accelerate the online and digitalization of overseas marketing, for example, the largest offline exhibition in China, the “Canton Fair”, is also seeking an online breakthrough, and the “Canton Fair” is about to launch the…

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It is difficult to participate in the exhibition under the epidemic, and foreign trade enterprises should do these points and actively save themselves!

In the face of the impact of the epidemic, many foreign exhibitions are also facing cancellation and postponement, so we have received a lot of customer inquiries, the exhibition is an indispensable lifeline for those small and medium-sized enterprises, how to maintain the company’s operation after the exhibition? How do you keep your brand active? How can we seize the opportunity to do what we can at this stage? Let’s take a look at the tips brought to you by the experts in the overseas market! (Uyihua Overseas Market Expert: Vicky) Ready to go In the face of the epidemic,…

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One trick to boost remote productivity

Today we are going to talk about an urgent question, how do we prepare for the epidemic? How do you retain overseas customers? Is there any way we can break through the restrictions of the epidemic and achieve cooperation and communication? What tools can do that? In the past, when we connected with customers, we chose to arrive at each other’s office locations for a face-to-face communication and communication, but now due to the impact of the epidemic, business people have to choose to stay at home and keep a distance. In China, we use online communication software such as…

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Active marketing is the key to foreign trade enterprise brands going overseas

In recent years, with the development of the mobile Internet, Internet consumers are getting younger and younger, the situation of cross-border e-commerce is very good, the Internet has become a bridge to connect the world, so that you and customers can reach a transaction without meeting, and it is imperative for foreign trade enterprises to brand overseas marketing. Brand overseas marketing In such an environment, we have found that many foreign trade enterprises have begun to transform, from pure offline development to online, coupled with the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, online development has become the primary promotion…

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AI technology combined with social media to rewrite the fate of enterprises

Today, AI technology has become very common, bringing convenience to many industries, and even bringing disruptive power to the marketing industry. AI helps marketers perform their work, enhance the efficiency of their entire marketing team, and can even harness repetitive tasks to do more with the least number of people. However, with the vast scope of artificial intelligence, what kind of AI technology can be integrated into social media to bring more profits to enterprises? In the Hong Kong market, the more well-known AI technologies are chatbots and social listening. In the past few years, the use of chatbots on…

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“Political color” is involved in business, how should you deal with yourself?

Hong Kong companies are going through a grim time, and both small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and international enterprises, especially those that have been stereotyped as political, will be greatly affected. Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, netizens have divided stores of all sizes into “yellow” and “blue” colors, and even made mobile phone maps so that users can distinguish the political colors of stores at any time, which has greatly changed the consumption ecology of customers and greatly affected the original business of stores. Businesses are absolutely free to express their political stance, but they must be mentally…

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